is a Sharing Economy platform for anglers who want to find fishing buddies to connect with. On the platform, users can plan their outings seeking people who are ready to join them and contribute by partially covering expenses for gas, tackle, and bait. Also, is offering an opportunity for anglers to join fishing clubs and learn more about fishing events and discounts.

Currently, the platform comprises a Web application and a website with a blog where news and fresh blog posts are published regularly.



Users who have access to platform are thus participating in Sharing Economy. Finding like-minded people who are willing to engage in shared leisure activities and make a financial contribution to help one another is easier than it may seem. To take advantage of what has to offer, users need to choose either personal or business membership option that are both free. Regardless of which one an angler chooses, he or she will be able to access chat area, review profiles, and share information about their outings on social networks.

By the time approached Vilmate for assistance, it already had a website, a Web app, and an efficient backend. The problem was that the platform needed a substantial redesign and an upgraded SEO strategy. It had to be natural and easy to use and navigate.


To reach the primary goal of user experience and user interface improvement, Vilmate put together a team of 2 Web designers and 3 SEO specialists. With a view to optimizing Web design, our team ensured that it was responsive enough — the images on the pages were communicating their main points without preventing the website from performing well. Another UX improvement was introduced by creating better signin and login processes. Now, users have two options: they either create a new account entering basic required information or benefit from the social login using information from Facebook to sign in and avoid manual login at that.

The next step was to create a strategic SEO plan to market the website more effectively. Our specialists formulated a content strategy, set up necessary services and tracking. Then, they made the key SEO modifications to the platform and created the blog within the context of delivering the overall strategy.

Technology Solution

  • UI / UX Design

  • Search Engine Optimization


Vilmate’s participation in the project gave a fresh new look. Working in tune, the team of designers and SEO specialists contributed to organizing an improved visual communication. They made the platform SEO-friendly, helped to create an effective content plan, and provided the client with a workable user acquisition strategy to grow the lead pipeline.

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