Formsatsningen is a platform uniting people with the common goal of losing weight. Users of this online social network can, for a certain fee, become part of a group and participate in a 4-week challenge. Participants of a group share their progress, inspiration, and positive energy with each other, and they also compete for a prize pool. The pool is a sum of money contributed to the pot by the groups' participants. Formsatsningen is an app where you invest in your health and get rewarded!



With an increasing number of applications and various programs for weight loss, it is becoming even more difficult to find the one that would work for you. Sometimes, it is not enough for a weight-loss app to offer ready-made eating and training programs. There has to be something specific about the application to get a user involved. This special offering can be a sense of community, a common goal, a strong incentive, or a possibility to lose weight in a supportive environment. With numerous competitors in the industry, our client’s goal was to design a platform that provided all of the above.

In order to turn their business idea into reality, the client involved the Vilmate team of software development and quality assurance specialists. At the time when our cooperation started, Formsatsningen had a strong project vision, and effective design and software requirements specifications. That gave us an understanding of our future obligations, while the high level of certainty we gained during the negotiations allowed us to agree on the contractual terms. The fixed-price contract proved to be the best instrument for delivering the services with quality and within the time required.


To ensure that our client, through cooperation with us, will manage to successfully address these challenges and meet their business objectives, Vilmate prepared project proposals, built the software development infrastructure, and put together the team to facilitate the project delivery. The team was composed of 2 back-end developers, 1 front-end developer, and 1 Q&A engineer.

In April 2019, after the business and technical solutions, as well as a collaboration model, were defined, the active development phase began. Team coordination, organization, and management were part of our duties throughout the project duration. Our team also ensured a successful and smooth implementation of the client’s new landing webpage that later on became one of Formsatsningen’s marketing tools for app promotion.

The Formsatsningen mobile application was developed from scratch for iOS and Android platforms in the form of a mobile web app. In September 2019, the application was ready for beta testing. Although the team faced the necessity to change the payment provider in a relatively short time before the beta release, the app received tremendous support from the community once it became available. Besides, the prompt response from real users allowed defining the product’s weak spots before releasing it to a wider audience. Currently, the application is stable, and users can take full advantage of the platform’s powerful features to:

    • Create their own customized groups and join existing ones

    • Submit photos and video weigh-ins as a more accurate way to see evidence of user's weight-loss progress

    • Participate in group chats where users can share their photos and videos as well as receive support, encouragement, motivation, and extra tips from group teammates and VIP Influencers

    • Set weight loss goals, track progress, and check the statistics

    • Execute payment transactions from the dashboard using a secure payment solution. After contributing to the pot, participants of a group should expect to lose their bid if they don’t reach the goal. Those who manage to reach their goal can win a share of the pot. Winners then have an option to choose money or go for a gift card instead.

Technology Solution


As a result of our collaboration with Formsatsningen, the Vilmate team has delivered a fully functional website and a mobile application in the form of a community-based platform with great user experience available for use on mobile iOS and Android devices. Together with our client, we have ensured all the necessary prerequisites for a successful fixed-price project. Currently, the Formsatsningen mobile applications are in active use within Sweden and abroad.

“Their ability to understand product requirements and apply them to build a software system was impressive.”

Vilmate has managed to quickly put together a project team capable of catering to our needs. Their ability to understand product requirements and apply them to build a software system was impressive. The team had the technical expertise to address any arising issues and deliver results in a timely and efficient manner. Vilmate have been very accommodating throughout the process, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Leonie Sterner Sazesh, Co-Founder @ Formsatsningen AB


C#/.NET Development
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