Developing a B2B Tendering Platform for the Swedish Technology Startup

Otivr is a Swedish tech startup with the aim to transform the sales and business processes in the IT outsourcing industry. Based on the core values of trust, quality and transparency, Otivr as a platform develops services to make it simple for businesses to discover and hire top IT suppliers.




Vilmate was approached by a group of Swedish entrepreneurs with a strong background in finance to develop a B2B platform for the sale and purchase of custom software development services.

The client’s platform is aimed to assist EU companies in sourcing skilled and bona fide offshore software providers, its focus being, primarily, on suppliers based in South-East Asia. Both buyers and suppliers can create an account and run ads that, respectively, either state their interest in hiring a provider, or promote their service offering.

There are two types of buyer ads, supported by the system: project-based and staff augmentation ones. A buyer ad can be responded to by multiple suppliers. It is possible for a supplier to attach a company portfolio to a bid, or to enclose a link to their LinkedIn profile. A supplier can receive buyer feedback on how well their service offering is presented on the platform after their bid is selected by the buyer. They can also receive buyer feedback upon completion of the project and use it as a client testimonial in their profile. All system users can follow companies, subscribe to these companies’ news and events and receive notifications about the latter, including email ones.

The sophisticated AI- and Data Science-powered algorithm, which underlies the scoring functionality of the client’s tendering platform, helps validate and endorse suppliers.

The platform performs an important problem-solving and arbitral function, thus helping both buyers and suppliers avoid significant settlement-related expenses in case of dispute.

The Network module of the platform also serves informational and knowledge-sharing purposes. The module includes a business news feed that allows sharing news items and other publications in a number of ways, as well as subscribing to events by adding them to a calendar. Similarly, member companies can create subscribable and shareable events. These events can be advertised using the Network.

Vilmate was engaged to implement the project in its entirety. This also included developing a mobile version of the client’s application.


The project team, put together by Vilmate, consisted of 2 .NET Core developers, 1 Junior Front-End software developer, 1 Senior Android developer and 1 QA engineer. Throughout the duration of the project, which is still ongoing, the Vilmate team has been managed by one of the client’s co-founders. The same person has also been acting as the product owner.

The project’s start was encumbered with the need to develop a significant part of the system’s functionality against a three-month deadline. This deadline was associated with a new round of investment for which our client was applying. The situation was further complicated by the absence of a functional specification and the continually belated arrival of system design-related instructions.

The time required to develop all of the above functionality by far exceeded the three-month period we had at our disposal. That is why, we took a custom approach and used our broad MVP development experience to split out and implement the more important functionality, sufficient to support fulfilling the client’s investment needs. Once the client had successfully secured the following investment round, our project team developed the rest of the system functionality. It had taken us a total of under 6 months to deliver the first version of the system to the client.

The several more challenges that we have encountered and successfully overcome include the need to implement the system’s Matlab algorithm in .NET and high load optimization.

Currently, the project team is engaged in integrating the application with Escrow payment system. The mobile version of the application is, currently, completing development.

Technical Solution

The technology stack used by Vilmate to implement the project includes:

  • C#/.NET Core

  • AngularJS

  • MS SQL database

  • Native Android app



The client has received a quality product, having availed themselves at one of the most beneficial money-for-value ratios the software development industry can, presently, offer. Their system has successfully gone live and it is now in commercial use.

In addition to ensuring product quality, Vilmate’s expertise and experience in working with startups have helped the client secure their further growth.

“They are totally reliable, accommodative and pleasant to deal with.”

We are privileged to have found Vilmate, - due to these guys we’ve been able to avoid the many technical pitfalls that befall some other financial startups.

Besides, as the project’s product owner who has been directly interacting with the Vilmate project team, I can say that they are totally reliable, accommodative and pleasant to deal with overall.

Ricky Dhillon, Co-founder & CEO @ Otivr
“Vilmate is an awesome partner we’ve been entirely relying on.”

Vilmate is an awesome partner we’ve been entirely relying on regarding the technical implementation of our business idea ever since we started developing the product.

They’ve guided us through the different possible implementation scenarios, helped us make several important decisions optimally and have been an incredibly good R & D team to work with otherwise...

Sunny Dhillon, Co-founder & COO @ Otivr


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