About us


40+ Top Tech

Vilmate’s development team
consists of university-educated
and consummately skilled IT experts

Clients Served

Our client roster comprises
of more than 50 North-American and
Western-European clients.

Years of Experience

We have accumulated a wealth of experience
in implementing complex solutions
for a range of verticals and business niches.

97% Customer
Satisfaction Rate

100% customer satisfaction
has always been Vilmate’s true North.
Today, we have, practically, achieved our goal.

30+ Successfully
Implemented Projects

Vilmate boasts an impressive project portfolio
that includes more than 30 projects
which vary in size and degree of complexity.

10+ Projects
In Progress

Currently, Vilmate is engaged in implementing
more than a dozen projects for clients
in the US and Western Europe.

Brief Introduction

Vilmate is a nearly 50-strong, close-knit and highly professional software development team based out of Kharkiv, Ukraine. We have been engaged in delivering bespoke software to North-American and Western-European clients since 2012 and are equally experienced in Web and mobile development.

Vilmate’s distinctive features as a company are an impressive and impeccable project delivery track record, a very large share of senior software engineers in our development team, an extremely low employee turnover and broad experience of delivering consulting solutions to clients in various business niches.

Since our company’s founding 5 years ago, we have seen an annual growth rate of 35%. Our client roster has been growing just as fast. Today, we pride ourselves on having created software that is used by some of Western Europe’s industry-leading retail and other brands.

Why Vilmate?

  • Solidly educated and extensively experienced software engineers with a good grasp of spoken English.

  • The ability to seamlessly scale up your offshore operation within the shortest possible time, be it Staff Augmentation or provision of an entire Dedicated Team.

  • The ability to help you dramatically reduce (by up to 30-50%) your in-house development costs which you will shortly consider to have been ridiculously high (you will benefit from the much lower Eastern-European salaries, plus the operational costs will be on us).

  • Total flexibility: we are always in favor of discussing the various possibilities and working out a custom-fit working arrangement you will be comfortable with.

  • Reliability and willingness to put in an extra effort: we love challenges and are thrilled by customer success when it is chalked up to our technical mastery and painstaking.

  • Our total commitment to long-term cooperation. What we also offer you is your golden opportunity to build a lasting and rewarding personal relationship with people who can ensure the technical excellence of your business for years to come. The working rapport we build with our clients allows us to keep Vilmate’s employee turnover much lower than the industry average.

what do our clients say?

“We definitely want to continue working with them!”

Vilmate is an extremely reliable and amenable business partner whose software engineers are among the best I’ve seen.

The company’s technical expertise is impressive indeed.. They are able to meet, virtually, any technical challenge.

We definitely want to continue working with them!

Daniel Wahlqvist, CTO @ FundedByMe
“Totally dependable, always up to any challenge”

A great technical team and a great partner we’ve been lucky to come across.

Top-notch programming skills, totally dependable, always up to any challenge… Also, very easy to deal with...

I’m looking forward to more cooperation with them.

Peder Lindencrona, CEO @ GetCompliant
“Vilmate is definitely a partner you can bank on.”

We’ve worked with Vilmate on more than one occasion and they’ve always lived up to all our expectations and delivered great software.

The assistance they’ve given us has been central to the success of two of our projects. They have superb programmers and excellent commitment to what they do.

Vilmate is definitely a partner you can bank on.

Jonas Bohman, Founder & CEO @ Mindconnect AB
“We’ve been relying on their skills and commitment for a long time now”

We’ve been relying on their skills and commitment for a long time now and they’ve always performed brilliantly in relation to any task we’ve given them.

Vilmate is a team with both awesome tech skills and an amazing attitude toward partners and clients...This was, actually, the reason why we chose them as our strategic and long-term partner...

Looking forward to more business with them.

John Waters, Partner @ Trailhead Technology Partners
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