React Native

React Native, as a JavaScript platform for building native mobile applications for both iOS and Android, has recently become an absolute must for Vilmate. Since our aim is to deliver high-quality software, our Modus Operandi is to constantly add new tools into the company’s stack and always be able to select the one that would serve our and our clients’ needs best at a given moment.

A “learn once, write everywhere” approach, which is a unique — different from cross-platform — app-development option, makes React Native stand out. What started as a framework used primarily by Facebook, with time, turned into the technology of choice for many other software development companies, and Vilmate is no exception. In late 2017, numerous advantages of React Native and success stories accumulated since the code was first open-sourced back in 2015 inspired us to implement React Native in our software development processes.

As a result of the joint efforts of core and external (with Facebook’s internal source control) contributors, React Native is updated monthly, and all the information is publicly available on the React Native blog. Consequently, everyone can contribute to the continual improvement of the technology, while such a commitment results in changes made very fast.

To be more specific, our developers are now working on a project using 0.51 version of React Native to create an iOS mobile application. The dedicated open-source community does its best to make it smooth for developers to upgrade to new versions; we appreciate it and keep an eye out for the new announcements.


  • React Native development

  • Efficient UI development with a component-based architecture and flexible APIs

  • Application deployment, stabilization, and ongoing maintenance

  • Multi-tier web server architecture design, implementation, configuration and fine-tuning

A Strong
Technical Team

Vilmate’s development team
comprises highly motivated university-educated IT experts with deep
experience in software development.

Years of Experience

We have accumulated a wealth of experience
in implementing complex solutions
for a range of verticals and business niches.

Clients Served

Our client roster comprises
of more than 50 North-American and
Western-European clients.


Using React Native — a relatively young technology with a lot of potential — to build mobile applications, our software engineers have already faced and successfully addressed a number of challenges.

If you have a business idea to implement, Vilmate will help you with whatever you need.

  • State management

  • UI/UX design solutions

  • eCommerce and Social Commerce

  • IT consulting for enterprise mobility solutions

  • Interactive media applications and entertainment portals

  • Interest-based communities and Social Networking applications


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