Custom Software Development

Our anchor service offering is custom software development. We offer the Dedicated Team & Staff Augmentation service delivery models.

We hand-pick and hire awesome software developers and other IT professionals to seamlessly extend our clients’ existing in-house teams, or create dedicated teams that are then fully managed by our clients’ technical or business stakeholders. We also provide initial Project Management support to help client projects successfully take off. Alternatively, we can provide a Dedicated Team that will be managed by one of Vilmate’s Project Managers. In this case, we will assume full responsibility for the technical implementation of your project.

Regardless of the delivery model you deem to be more in keeping with your vision and business needs, you can expect us to perform equally well. In addition, Vilmate also offers assistance to those overseas technology firms that are seeking to establish a business presence of their own in Ukraine (ODC and BOT).

Mobile App Development
Mobile Development is one of Vilmate’s fortes. We employ a well-seasoned team of mobile developers with an excellent command of both iOS and Android.
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UI/UX Design
Vilmate offers a highly professional design team that has created the look and feels of dozens of well-performing websites and GUIs.
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QA & Testing
Vilmate’s QA team is extensively experienced in all the main types of testing and has a good grasp of a broad technology stack, including some of the most cutting-edge testing tools.
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Our consultants are available for both short-term and long-term (including full-time) project engagements.
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Outsourcing Services
With us, you can source solidly educated and highly qualified software and QA engineers who meet all your requirements.
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Consulting Services

We rely on our company's wealth of experience in the development of a variety of business software to help less experienced development teams, as well as to guide our clients to better business results.

For this purpose, we offer a diverse variety of consulting services that are rendered by well-seasoned software development, QA and Web design professionals.

In particular, these services include Software Development Consulting, Mobile App Development Consulting, Wed Development Consulting, Web Design Consulting and other services, aimed to help you efficiently resolve any related issues you may have encountered while implementing a software development project, conducting a marketing campaign or trying to improve your digital marketing exposure.

All our consultants have no less than 5+ years of experience in their area of expertise and can be available for long-term consulting engagements full time.

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