One of Vilmate’s distinctive features and fortes is our strong consultancy practice which stems from the vast amount of expertise and experience we have accumulated as a custom software provider.

In addition, both due to the nature of our client projects and our main service delivery model being Staff Augmentation, the great majority of our employees are senior IT professionals whose experience in their areas of specialization ranges from 5 to 10 years. This has made it easy for us to hand-pick a first-rate consulting team. This team offers guidance to companies in various verticals, tech entrepreneurs, technology startups and even other software providers that are less experienced in certain areas of IT.

We use the Time & Materials delivery model to offer our consulting services. The main areas our consultancy practice focuses on include:

Software Development Consulting
Software development consulting services are a regular and increasingly popular part of our service offering.
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Web Development Consulting
We offer you a broad variety of Software Development and IT related services. Our core focus is Outstaffing. We recruit and set up dedicated teams that you manage just as you would full-time employees. We also provide regular Outsourcing services.
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Mobile App Development Consulting
Vilmate has an impressive mobile portfolio. All our mobile app development consultants have no less than 5+ years of relevant experience.
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Design Consulting
Vilmate offers web design consulting services that can help you identify the problem areas related to the look and feel of your website and its usability.
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QA & Testing Consulting
Vilmate’s QA consulting services will help you solve complex software quality-related problems without creating any major additional costs to strain your project budget.
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Our consultants are available for both short-term and long-term (including full-time) project engagements.

They are always ready to come to your assistance when you need to be consulted on some issue related to any of the above, be it the usability of your website, the choice of the technology stack for your project, or the need to implement some technically challenging functionality in the most optimal manner.

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