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    GDPR Compliance

    Assisting with GDPR compliance is a fundamental consulting service. In essence, every company should prioritize maintaining the security of its information. Consequently, adherence to GDPR is crucial for IT businesses to protect themselves as well as their users and clients.

    What is GDPR?

    So, what exactly is GDPR? It's a comprehensive regulation that safeguards confidential data established within the European Union. This regulation consolidates laws from all EU member countries and is obligatory for compliance in each member state. Notably, GDPR applies globally to any company handling the confidential information of European Union citizens.

    This regulation covers any information that could be used to identify individuals utilizing a company's services. If your business involves processing the data of EU citizens, it's imperative to ensure that your company guarantees the protection of confidential data in alignment with GDPR.

    GDPR is integrated into a company's operational processes, from the collection of personal data to their processing and deletion. These processes can be documented in various company policies, ranging from a privacy policy encompassing all personal data processing activities to an information security policy regulating data protection measures.

    However, merely having such policies in place is insufficient. For GDPR compliance, it is of utmost importance that the processes outlined in the policies are genuinely implemented in practice.

    Why you need to exercise caution with GDPR

    If you plan to offer information services to citizens of the European Union, it is your responsibility to comply with GDPR. Failure to abide by this regulation may lead to the company having to compensate individuals for any tangible or intangible harm caused (as per Article 82 of GDPR). Moreover, high-profile data breaches can significantly damage a company's reputation. The loss of user trust can translate into substantial financial losses, which will be an additional burden on top of legal payouts.

    To steer clear of legal disputes and safeguard your company's reputation, giving careful attention to GDPR compliance is crucial, prompting a transformation in how your company operates.

    Why is opting for consultants during GDPR transformation advisable?

    Compliance with this regulation requires a substantial overhaul of policies, processes, and contracts and a reevaluation of technical and organizational measures. Given these changes' complexity, seeking professional guidance is the most sensible approach to avoid potential pitfalls.

    Furthermore, it's essential to understand that the processes involved in handling personal data are subject to change. For instance, a company may begin processing additional information about its users over time, necessitating periodic reviews and updates of all policies.

    What steps can professionals take?

    By engaging in comprehensive consulting services, businesses can access a range of solutions to align with GDPR requirements.

    • Risk assessment. Start by understanding how your company currently processes user data. Specialists will analyze and evaluate potential risks, identifying gaps in confidentiality compliance. This approach includes ensuring adherence to user rights like the Right to be Forgotten, the Right to Access, Rectification, and Updating personal data, along with the Right to Restrict Processing.
    • Privacy policy review. Carefully examine your company's existing privacy policy and make necessary improvements. If it doesn't align with GDPR standards, consider a complete rewrite. This step fosters transparency with users and helps obtain certified consent for data processing.
    • Website documentation compliance check. Ensure that the five essential documents — terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy, privacy notice, and consent form — are readily available to users. Specialists can develop these documents or review existing ones to mitigate potential risks.
    • Staff training on regulations. Consulting services may also include educating staff on GDPR, making it easier for them to adapt to the new company policy.

    To ensure your company delivers information services in line with GDPR, seek assistance from legal professionals and cybersecurity experts. Qualified consulting services will guide you in collecting only essential user data and securely storing it.

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