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About us


Our anchor service offering is custom software development. We offer the Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation service delivery models. We hand-pick and hire awesome software developers and other IT professionals to seamlessly extend our clients’ existing in-house teams, or create dedicated teams that are then fully managed by our clients.

Who We Are

Vilmate helps businesses worldwide develop premium-quality custom software while offering them one of the world’s best money-for-value ratios. Our clients benefit from our second-to-none expertise and skills, total reliability and flexibility, shorter recruitment cycles and dramatic cost savings. We operate out of a world-renowned Eastern-European software outsourcing location to fulfill your business needs in the most optimal manner and help your business grow.


Vilmate’s technology stack is steadily growing and, currently, includes the following languages and technologies:

  • iOS, Android, WinPhone
  • .NET, C#, MVC, WebAPI, Azure, WPF, WCF
  • Java
  • Python (Django)
  • JavaScript (AngularJS, Sencha, Knockout)
  • PHP (Zend framework, Magento, osCommerce, Joomla, WordPress)
  • Manual & Automated testing
  • DevOps

About Ukraine

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is an Eastern-European country with its capital in Kyiv. It has an area of more than 600 000 sq. km (or 230 000 sq. miles) and a population of around 45 million. Ukraine is renowned for its scientific eminence and programming talent. It is, currently, one of the world’s premier software outsourcing destinations. The value-for-money ratio the country’s software development industry sports is known to be one of the world’s best.

Why Kharkiv?

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city with a population of some 1.5 million people. It is a major industrial, scientific and educational center and a hotbed for the software development industry. The city is home to a large, highly qualified and vibrant IT community, whose rapid growth is fueled by the presence of several leading technical universities. Each year, more than a half of their 1000 graduates join the R&D centers of several dozen Ukrainian and international software development companies that have a business presence in the city. 

Why Vilmate?

Vilmate’s success is pillared upon several advantages we are always eager to share with our clients:

  • Top-notch and solidly educated software engineers with a good command of spoken English.
  • The ability to seamlessly scale up your offshore operation within the shortest possible time.
  • The ability to reduce very significantly (by up to 30-50%) your in-house development costs.
  • We boast a stellar project delivery track record and a roster of happy clients from the US and Western Europe.

Our skills
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Staff Augmentation

We augment our clients’ in-house software development teams with highly qualified experts in accordance with their requirements and in the shortest possible time. All our clients regard their Vilmate-provided teams as their in-house employees, who are simply a lot more cost-effective and just happen to be based in a different location. The process remains fully transparent and controllable by you at all times.


If you are too busy with the run of your business or just want to focus on the business outcomes rather than its technical aspects, you can safely entrust us with implementing your project in its entirety. Your project’s implementation will be supervised by a well-seasoned Project Manager who will report directly to your designated business and/or technical stakeholders.

Recruitment Process

Recruiting qualified IT experts requires quite a bit of industry-specific knowledge, topflight interpersonal and communication skills, a great deal of experience and being well-connected with the local IT community. Prior to organizing an interview with the client, we hold several in-depth interviews with all relevant candidates, discuss the results and determine the likely best fits for the project at hand.

Creation of Legal Entities

In addition to software development and consulting services, Vilmate offers assistance to those overseas technology firms that want to establish a business presence of their own in Ukraine (ODC and BOT).


Your new job

Join a team of talented professionals whose knowledge and skills continually create happy clients. At Vilmate you can advance your career, expand your knowledge and improve your expertise while working in a fun and challenging environment. We aim to create an atmosphere that reflects the company’s culture where we value our employees’ expertise, creativity and innovation. If you are passionate about technology, enjoy working on interesting and challenging projects and want to expand your knowledge, develop new skills and make new friends, come join our team! At Vilmate, we offer a wide choice of job opportunities. You may browse open vacancies below or contact us at

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