CoPatient is a Connecticut, US-based, technology-driven insurance startup, launched by a group of entrepreneurs with a positive previous experience of creating successful companies in this business domain.

CoPatient aims to help hospital patients reduce medical bills and solve other healthcare-related problems.



Vilmate was approached by a group of US insurance entrepreneurs that were looking to develop an innovative application for their new venture.

The client’s web-based application is intended to automate the interactions of hospital patients with a group of legal advisors, well-versed in how to fix billing errors and reduce healthcare bills using legal means. CoPatient experts are also well-equipped to offer legal advice, help resolve issues of legal nature, and compose medical documents. To complete this process, advisors encourage the users to follow the steps a Medical Bill Payment Guide outlines, visit CoPatient’s website to get free help, or submit a bill review.

Customers can create an account in the system, submit documents, find out what documents are required for bill reduction or resolution of some other hospital-related issues, and discuss their situation with the client’s legal advisors and healthcare experts using a chat feature of the app.

The company was looking for a development team to implement the whole application in cooperation with the startup’s founding partners.


Vilmate put together a team consisting of 4 experts: 2 Full-Stack developers, 1 Web developer and 1 QA engineer. During the two years that the project has been under development, the Vilmate team has been managed directly by one of our client’s founders.

The main project challenge our team has encountered is associated with the need to ensure compliance with the stringent security requirements for data and document storage, imposed by the US healthcare industry.

Another significant challenge has been connected with the rapid rise of mobile over the last two years and the vast bulk (some 90%) of customer requests originating from mobile devices.

We have managed to overcome the above challenges and have delivered the requested functionality strictly on time and on budget. The system has gone live and is, presently, in active commercial use.

As the project is still underway, our project team is engaged in expanding the application in accordance with the client’s evolving business vision and plans.

Technology Solution

  • Python 3 (Django, DRF, RQ)

  • JS ES6 (AngularJS)

  • Heroku

  • Amazon Web Services: S3, RDS


Due to Vilmate, our client has been able to develop their product in finest quality and with minimum costs.

“Right off the bat, we felt that Vilmate would be a good partner for us.”

We are happy to have come across Vilmate… These guys are both technically savvy and they know their stuff when it comes to startups. An awesome team we want to continue working with…

Daniel Lyakovetsky, Executive Partner @ Mebex, LLC


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