C#/.NET Development


C#, including .Net, has been part of Vilmate’s technology stack since our company’s very inception more than 5 years ago. It is one of the technologies, utilized by us most heavily in implementing client projects.

The average C# programming experience of the members of our C# development team is 5 + years. The team consists mainly of seasoned software developers who have honed their skills in using this development technology both on board Vilmate and while with other custom software development companies.

Vilmate’s experience as a C# development company is related almost exclusively to backend development. The amount of complex backend functionality we have developed in С# is nothing but remarkable.

Importantly, our C# software engineers also have complementary expertise in Azure, New Relic and MSSQL. Some of the more significant projects we have implemented on the .NET platform include:

  • Developing a large-scale Compliance and Task Management solution, geared toward retailers and food chains for a Scandinavian technology company. The whole of the system’s backend functionality was developed by us in C#.
  • Developing an advanced Real Estate application for a Western Real Estate startup.


  • C# development under .NET

  • Application deployment, stabilization and ongoing maintenance

  • Multi-tier web server architecture design, implementation, configuration and fine-tuning

  • MySQL database development and optimization

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Vilmate’s development team
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for a range of verticals and business niches.

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Our software engineers have used C# as the principal development language in implementing the above projects, solving a number of challenging technical tasks with excellent quality.

If you have a project to be implemented in C#, Vilmate’s high-quality and moderately priced C# development services can be a great solution to your needs.

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems

  • CRM tools, integrated workflow management and enterprise mashups

  • eCommerce and Social Commerce

  • Web Portals, Extranets, Intranets

  • Interactive media applications and entertainment portals

  • Interest-based communities and Social Networking applications


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