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    Bannerflow is a Sweden-based provider of a Creative Management Platform (CMP) for data-driven digital advertising. It gives users a convenient tool for managing the end-to-end ad campaign lifecycle, ensuring that all the advertising needs of a user are efficiently addressed in one place.

    Team: 1 front-end developer, 2 back-end developers, 1 QA engineer
    Cooperation model: Fixed price / Time & Material
    Industry: Advertising
    Tech stack: .NET, angular, docker, Microsoft Azure

    Client Testimonials

    “They are highly cooperative and reliable...”

    Vilmate has the flexibility, competence, and quality that are crucial for an outsourcing partner. We received an appropriate level of commitment to respond quickly and professionally to our hiring needs. They are highly cooperative and reliable – the people you want to have on your team.

    Challenge accepted

    In the digital marketing age, traditional marketing strategies are becoming less effective because of today's fast-paced tech-driven world. As a result, brands may find it challenging to stay relevant in customers’ eyes. An all-in-one creative management platform is what can help harness the brand's full creative power as it develops.
    It is an excellent way to save one’s time and money when making difficult marketing and creative decisions. At the time the Vilmate team joined in with Bannerflow in December 2018, the company had its own in-house team of tech professionals working on the well-established creative management platform.
    However, we had the value to offer to the client. With a view to decrease the total cost of software development by hiring outsourced yet reliable tech talent, Bannerflow expressed their readiness to cooperate. So the main challenge was to optimize the system with gradually adding some fresh features.

    Solution provided

    As our new partnership with Bannerflow started, they hired 1 Front-end developer from Vilmate for the project. Later, our .NET software engineer joined the development team. Since then, the number of people on the project was steadily growing, so now, it totals 9 developers. From the very beginning and throughout our involvement, Vilmate’s team has been managed directly by the client.

    For over a year now, Vilmate has been teaming with Bannerflow, helping to implement their vision of a modern and responsive creative management platform. The parts of the project we have worked on include:
    – Build light-weight widgets that allow customers to create banners for their campaigns the way they want without a line of code.
    – Contribute to the development of server-side web application logic and back-end system integration.
    – Contribute to the Creative Studio development.

    During our collaboration, we have made it possible for the client to quickly expand their team with new engineers hired at Vilmate. It was and remains the highest priority for us to maintain the quality of recruitment processes to build a strong team of competent specialists that is competitive with its global peers.

    Microsoft Azure
    MS SQL

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    To get your project underway, simply contact us and an expert will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      “I’m looking forward to keep on working with Vilmate”

      A great technical team and a great partner we’ve been lucky to come across. We have been working together for many years and I’m looking forward to keep on working with Vilmate...

      They are “our team” – not “Vilmate's team” and I like that a lot!