QA & Testing

Although our QA engineers test mostly Vilmate-developed apps, quite often we also test externally developed applications and QA & Testing services constitute a regular and ever growing part of our service range.

Vilmate’s Quality Assurance Dept. has been engaged in testing several Web and mobile applications in parallel at any given point in time for over half a decade now. Due to this, our experience in both Web and mobile testing is truly immense. In addition to performing QA testing on behalf of our clients, this allows us to offer QA consultancy to companies that have difficulty in coping with the various QA-related challenges they encounter while testing their apps.

We offer Web testing and Mobile Testing for both iOS and Android.

Mobile App Development
Mobile Development is one of Vilmate’s fortes. We employ a well-seasoned team of mobile developers with an excellent command of both iOS and Android.
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Software Testing
If you are seeking for a professional Quality Assurance company, Vilmate can become a high-quality, flexible and cost-effective solution to your needs.
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Mobile App Testing
Our QA Department has accumulated a great deal of experience in conducting various types of mobile app testing.
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Web Testing
Employing Vilmate’s Web testing services is not only a great way to make your software more robust and efficient, but also to do so in an extremely cost-effective manner.
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Android App Testing
Vilmate’s Android app testing service is a great solution for anyone looking to ensure the highest possible level of quality for their Android application.
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IOS App Testing
Vilmate’s QA Dept is consummately experienced in iOS app testing. We have been actively involved in testing iOS apps for over 5 years now.
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QA & Testing

Our engineers are well-familiar with all the main types of testing and equally good at both manual and automated testing. The spectrum of QA tools they are skilled with is sure to enable them to always respond to your QA needs in the most optimal manner.

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