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Email marketing

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Data management in cloud computing:

Best practices, challenges and trends
How to build a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter Crowdfunding has both reversed the traditional view on funding and...
Design prototype services
How to turn an app idea into a prototype and get off to a good start Prototyping is a must for every UX/UI designer, software engineer, and especially every client who wants...
Design illustration services
Why enhance user interface with illustrations As a custom software development company, Vilmate has plentiful experience in Web, graphic, UX/ UI,...
email marketing services
Email marketing and marketing automation software Digital marketing has a variety of channels to choose from for successful business promotion. Yet,...
recycling vilmate
Vilmate is setting up an office recycling program According to the Guardian, no more than 7.5% of recyclable office waste reaches a recycling...
happiness vilmate
Vilmate goes kayaking Every summer, a bunch of super chill people from VILMATE goes kayaking. A few days...
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