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    Supporting the Team in the Thick of War: Vilmate Experience Posted by Danyl Koltak in Blog on September 23rd, 2022

    Against the background of active military events in our country, we would like to share the experience of extreme crisis management in Vilmate, which our Kharkiv team has acquired since the beginning of the invasion. We’ll talk about the actual operational and structural solutions the...

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    IT for She: 3 Tips on How to Deal with Gender Gap Posted by Kateryna Kikidzhan in Uncategorized on September 15th, 2021

    Did you know that the first person ever to write a computer program was female? Ada Lovelace was a mathematician later considered to be the world’s first programmer. She wrote an algorithm for Charles Babbidge’s Analytical Engine to calculate the Bernoulli sequence of numbers. Over...

    corporate culturetechnology
    Creating a Sports Club Based on the IT Company Model Posted by Vilmate in Vilmate, Vilmate, Vilmate on July 21st, 2021

    How can a person who has created a well-performing business can turn their favorite hobby into another incredible project? Discover in the truly inspiring story by Anton Reznikov, CEO of Vilmate. Today, our CEO Anton Reznikov will share his experience creating a sports club, using...

    Pros and Cons of Agile Approach: CTO’s Perspective Posted by Igor Bagayev in Technologies on June 22nd, 2021

    In 2021, Agile is not only about software development, it’s everywhere. In fact, it got widespread adoption and can be implemented even in childcare now. In view of this, one might say that it turned into a buzzword. But I think that each methodology should...

    Building a Happy and Effective Team: Vilmate Experience Posted by Anna Kumbatova in Vilmate on June 7th, 2021

    I think everyone can agree: it’s easier to work in a healthy atmosphere that’s physically and mentally comfortable. People who feel good in their workplace perform better than their counterparts under pressure or stress. At Vilmate, we place great emphasis on the team atmosphere, which...

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Tips from Vilmate Posted by Anna Kumbatova in Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog on May 19th, 2021

    How to act sustainably in 2021? Buy a few organic apples at the market or leave your car behind in summer and cycle to work? Of course, it’ll be good for the environment. But companies should develop a more comprehensive strategy. It should optimize internal...


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