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FundedByMe, one of Sweden’s principal crowdfunding providers, universally known across the nation’s startup community, was looking to replace their development team. The new team was supposed to take over the expansion of the company’s principal crowdfunding platform. Vilmate was chosen to implement the project through a referral by one of the client’s senior officers who had previously cooperated with us in relation to a project for another client of ours.

Technologies: Pytnon (Django), AngularJS, Amazon EC2, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, Celery, Cycle.js

MindConnect,  our Swedish client engaged in developing and marketing a range of route-planning applications, approached Vilmate with a request to implement a route-planning solution, consisting of a mobile app and a Web portal. The client’s application is used for determining the most optimal automobile route between two points, indicated by the user. Vilmate was engaged to implement the bulk of the project from scratch.

Technologies: Java, Swift, Android, JavaScript, AngularJS

Trailhead Technology Partners, a US-based IT technology company founded by several IT industry’s veteran professionals, approached Vilmate to assist them in the development of an innovative Real Estate application for one of their North-American clients. As they had previously collaborated with us on several other projects, our partners were well-acquainted with Vilmate’s skills and expertise and considered us to be a perfect fit for the project at hand.

Technologies: AngularJS 1.5, Entity Framework, HTML5/CSS3

GetCompliant, a Stockholm-based technology company, was seeking a replacement for the offshore development team engaged in implementing their Compliance Management platform. When they approached Vilmate for assistance, their application was in the very early stages of development and had a very limited set of functionality. The startup was in need of a reliable nearshore development partner, capable of developing the bulk of their compliance software and expanding its functionality over the long haul.

Technologies: C#/.NET, AngularJS, Android SDK, Swift

Rule Communication is a Marketing Automation technology vendor, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is engaged in the development of RuleMailer, an advanced email marketing solution intended to create, test and carry out rule-based SMS and email marketing campaigns. The application is used by a growing number of well-known clients, including SASCargo, Nobelprize.org, Toyota Material Handling and others.

Technologies: PHP/Laravel, AngularJS, Redis, MariaDB

Vilmate was approached by &frankly, a Swedish technology startup to assist them in developing the iOS and Android versions of their Web-based HR & Talent Management software. The client’s system is an advanced application, intended to help businesses continually identify problem areas within their organizations by planning and conducting well-planned employee surveys. The Web-based part of the application allows creating detailed interactive questionnaires based on one of several predefined question packages, or creating custom questions packages and using them in surveys. It is also possible to introduce new questions and add them to a specific package.

Technologies: PHP, iOS SDK, Android SDK

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