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    Creating a Health App: Where to Start & What to Expect Posted by Danyl Koltak in Uncategorized on September 22nd, 2022

    It’s not the first time we’ve touched on the topic of healthcare in our blog. The sphere of health is a huge playground for the implementation of digital technology. So it’s time to see the interrelation between tech and healthcare services, cover the target user...

    app developmenthealthcaremedical appmobile apps
    Top 3 Healthcare UX Design Trends: What to Consider? Posted by Kateryna Kikidzhan in Uncategorized on June 24th, 2022

    The healthcare industry is evolving especially fast today. The COVID-19 pandemic, the general trend of a healthy lifestyle, and the invention of new sensors for wearable technology play a huge role in this process. The popularity of a healthcare app depends on many factors. And...

    The Role of Technology in Expanding Health Equity Posted by Danyl Koltak in Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare on June 23rd, 2022

    Technology is the key to the majority of global processes. It transforms the ways we communicate, work, travel, entertain and use services. Even more importantly, technology has eased the circulation of information. It raised social awareness and boosted global activity on fundamental issues. They include...

    A Broad Guide to Medical Device Software Development Posted by Kateryna Kikidzhan in Uncategorized on May 31st, 2022

    We all know that regular health checks are vital. Luckily, today, medical devices are not only in doctors’ offices but also in our pockets. How did it happen?  New technologies have created a new health workflow that gives patients and medical personnel much more opportunities....

    healthcareinternet of thingssoftware developmentwearables
    IoT in Healthcare Market: Why You Should Care Posted by Danyl Koltak in Healthcare on December 24th, 2021

    Against the backdrop of the pandemic, healthcare is undoubtedly on top of every mind. The quality of our lives directly depends on our health, making this sphere the most vital of all. Similar to other spheres, to properly harness the benefits of IoT in healthcare,...

    healthcareinternet of things
    How to build a custom electronic health records system Posted by Vilmate in Blog, Technologies, Technologies on February 11th, 2021

    The healthcare industry is complex. It has to be always focused on patient safety and quality of care, which is much more challenging today than ever before. Therefore, healthcare professionals and patients are getting to use telemedicine technology, with electronic health record systems being an...

    healthcaretechnologytelemedicineweb development
    Healthcare startups: Best Practices & Common Mistakes Posted by Vilmate in Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog on June 6th, 2022

    Healthcare has always been one of the top priorities for research and investments. It’s no surprise as what can be more important than the quality and expectancy of life of yourself and your close folks. The business value and resource circulation increase adequately to the...

    How to make a health insurance app? Posted by Vilmate in Technologies on October 15th, 2020

    The mobile app development for healthcare looks more and more like a potentially useful idea. 2020 is definitely the year that is bringing innovation to the digital health space, so in this time of unprecedented medical crisis, the demand for secure and usable health solutions...

    app developmenthealthcaremobile apps


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