Outsourcing Services

Vilmate capitalizes on the company’s favorable location in a world-known outsourcing destination to offer a broad array of software outsourcing and related services. In addition to software development outsourcing, our range of outsourcing services also includes QA & Testing Outsourcing and Design Outsourcing (including Web, Graphic and Email design).

The numerous advantages of our location, our ability to leverage them and our good knowledge of the local HR market enable our clients to benefit from hiring some of the brightest Eastern-European IT talent. With us, you can not only source solidly educated and highly qualified software and QA engineers who meet all your requirements, but you can also do so gainfully and promptly. Both the recruitment cycles and money-for-value ratio Vilmate can provide are among our best bargaining chips and are appreciated at their true value by a growing number of our US and European clients.

Outsourcing Services

Although Staff Augmentation is Vilmate's main delivery model for all of our outsourcing services, we also offer Project-Based outsourcing. Our team includes matured PM professionals and we are always prepared to take the responsibility for implementing your project in its entirety.

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