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    How to Choose the Right Outsourcing Company [Checklist]

    Igor Bagayev


    Thanks to technological advancement, we have the opportunity to choose the best and most suitable things, and not be content only with what we have. This applies to all areas of life: from thinking about where to buy sneakers to finding the perfect outsourcing company.

    Probably, for someone, the choice of shoes is not very important - any high-quality pair from the nearest store will work, but are you ready to say the same when it comes to the specialist you need for your project? Or a whole company that you want to entrust the project to?

    If you, like me, are always looking for quality, a good price, and are focused on results, read this article: I will tell you what is important to consider when choosing an outsourcing company for an IT project!

    1. Language barrier

    This is the first thing worth paying attention to. To achieve the desired result, you will need active communication with the outsourcing company. You should easily understand each other.

    If communication requires the constant presence of a translator or only the manager speaks the language, but the hired team does not, you will inevitably face several difficulties: from a banal loss of time to fatal mistakes due to mutual misunderstanding.

    2. Explore the portfolio

    Newbie companies with excellent specialists and a desire to work appear on the market every day. Vilmate was once such a company, too. But there are other teams that aren’t able to provide services at the level of quality the customer expects. (Or not provide these services at all!)

    I advise you to take a closer look at the portfolio, the number of completed projects, and make inquiries with current or former clients. And if there is no portfolio or it is scarce, find out how long the company has been on the market. You can still take a risk with a promising newbie-company, but an experienced player without cases is definitely suspicious.

    3. Google it

    Spend some time surfing the Internet and looking for reviews of this company. Pay attention to criticism and lack of "stars" in reviews. On the website of the company itself, you are unlikely to find negative feedback, but this does not mean that there is none.

    Alternatively, you can check the company's reputation on trusted third-party resources. For example, here: Clutch.

    Try typing Vilmate in the search bar and see clearly how it works!

    4. Talk to colleagues

    If you have friends or colleagues who have used the services of an outsourcing company, discuss your choice with them. Never neglect this point, you will be surprised what word-of-mouth is capable of!

    5. Count the money

    The basic salary of specialists of the same level in different countries differs significantly. Call your accountant for help and estimate all the upcoming costs. Consider all costs (including, for example, taxes and employee benefits) and consider which compromises you are willing to make and which are unacceptable to you.

    For example, many are uncomfortable choosing a company from China or Ukraine for outsourcing: yes, the price of cooperation is more profitable, but sometimes the language barrier and cultural characteristics interfere. We created Vilmate bearing this problem in mind and are fully adapted for clients from the USA, Canada, and Western Europe, but not every Ukrainian company is doing the same.

    6. Honesty and transparency

    Two problems often faced by businesses looking for an outsourcing company are incomprehensible pricing and an attempt to present their specialists as more qualified than they really are.

    "Seniors" are much more expensive than "juniors", and they are traditionally in lack in the market. I advise you to closely monitor which specialists will deal with your project and check their real experience and qualifications.

    Likewise with pricing: Vilmate customers clearly know what they are paying for. If the outsourcing company is not able to provide a detailed report or cannot explain its points - think it over once again!

    These 6 points are definitely worth paying attention to when you are looking for a company to bring your project to life.

    Of course, there are other important features - they will be different for each situation, but these 6 are as universal as possible.

    And if you are in doubt whether you need outsourcing and what are the pros and cons, read the Vilmate article: Hiring in-house: The real cost savings from IT outsourcing.

    Use this checklist when looking for an outsourcing company and find the perfect contractor for your project! Or ask us: we will discuss cooperation or recommend colleagues.

    Thank you for your time! I was happy to share my experience and hopefully help you and your business.

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    To get your project underway, simply contact us and an expert will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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