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Three months after the grand opening


It has already been three months since Vilmate opened a new branch office in Kiev. We are happy to share the news about our exciting changes with you.

A new branch office moves successfully forward as a subsidiary of Vilmate LLC, this being an important step in the strategy of expanding in Europe. Our Kiev team keeps growing even though our Kharkiv recruiters are still in want of knowledgeable assistance with identifying and satisfying company's current and future human resources needs. Anyway, the total staffing has already doubled.

It is definitely the best workspace I have ever had — varied styles of seating for people to make themselves comfortable; floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer a nice city view; pictures, and background music. All these things inspire and make a huge difference in work experiences. 

Serhii Kondratiuk, Machine Learning Developer at Vilmate


A positive work environment, however, refers to the whole set of conditions in which employees operate. It equally includes physical environment and work processes. Thus, we are determined to succeed on both counts.

What is more, not only the human resources capacity must keep up with the company’s expansion, the process itself requires an efficient manager. In the estimation of Forbes, only 4% of companies take advantage of "predictive analytics" when it comes to their workforce. It implies that the majority ignores benefits which they can gain from working in close cooperation with finance and operational analytics teams improving communications skills and visual design. Vilmate is the company whose aim is excellence and we truly care. Besides, we leave options open and wish to keep up with innovations from which the most successful business models, techniques, and practices are generated. The ball was set rolling and we are ready to bring about positive change when branching out.




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