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Vilmate is introducing a white-label online-enabled app that will power the on-demand economy. In the first place, it can function as taxi management software and be used by local transportation network companies (TNCs.)

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About the Client

Vilmate has initiated the project to make an active contribution to establishment and improvement of a local on-demand transportation system. Having brought its expertise in delivering complex outsourcing projects and employed best practices, Vilmate has come up with its own solution built from scratch as a white-label mobile application.



A ride-hailing service is a niche represented by taxi app software. A niche as such never merely exists but is rather formed by means of identifying customers’ needs and wants. When no successful solution to an emerged problem of filling the “gaps” is presented by any company in the field, it is high time to make a move.

For this reason, Vilmate took a decisive step. What we did was make a start on looking for ways to lay the groundwork for a good local on-demand transit system that would demonstrate reliability. This system was intended to rest on the modified customers’ travel behavior. The globally growing public interest in safety and the desire to get things done faster brought about the shift towards ride-hailing. Building a taxi service app could become part of the solution.

At some point, it became clear that the local market needed a provider of ride-hailing services. It should be a company that would leverage its actual resources and exploit its potential to the full. Then, we decided that that could be done only by putting into use our own mobile cab-booking application. The app’s primary objective was to enable getting secure individual and carpooling rides from drivers who use their own vehicles. The Vilmate’s ambition, in turn, was to be among the first in the region to develop that kind of a product — taxi management software that can potentially be used by a local transportation network company (TNC.)

In the course of time, it is always getting harder to fill a new but not absolutely empty niche. However, online-enabled applications, software, websites, or systems that allow passengers to prearrange rides with TNC drivers were still needed when our project was launched.

Creating the best taxi app was a challenging task yet we believed it to be worth trying. Vilmate aimed at building a mobile application for the general public. By developing software for TNC drivers and passengers that had to become a target audience of the service, we sought to connect these two categories of future users. This was meant to emerge as a place of possibility and a key part of an offering. Accordingly, used to provide services on behalf of a transportation company, the app had to become a powerful web-based fleet management system.


Motivated to contribute to the improvement of a local transportation system, Vilmate took the initiative to come up with the best possible taxi app development solutions. Thus, we have assembled a dedicated team of 2 Android developers, 1 iOS developer, 1 Java backend developer, and 1 Angular developer. Our software engineers worked together to deliver an online taxi application for both iOS and Android devices.

The Vilmate team has managed for now to build iOS and Android applications which provide all the core functionality that is ultimately giving utility and value to users who are in search of flexible transit services.

The relevant location data exchange is one of the most important things about on-demand transportation apps. That is why we have added the location tracking feature, meaning that the GPS capability in the smartphone will identify the pick-up location and keep the client informed in real time when the car will arrive.


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Technology Solution


In an attempt to create a quality product, Vilmate has taken every effort and is now able to offer a flexible software solution to a TNC or other prospective customers. We have been working on the taxi management software to create, as a result, a white-label product. The Vilmate team has added basic features to it so that this product could be rebranded as an on-demand service app by any private courier company, a trader responsible for the delivery of client’s purchases, or a TNC. Since the current product has only core functionality, we are ready to add new extra features to an existing application whenever requested so by the client. Then, working in a joint effort with an on-demand services provider — be it the delivery of food and other consumer goods to a certain destination or a taxi-booking service — we will leverage our experience and resources to make it a success.

Our software product is ready to be delivered to organizations, businesses, or agencies that are considering or already taking advantage of the aforementioned service model. We are here to help those willing to rationalize daily activities for people by offering them a delivery or cab booking app.

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