Android SDK


One of the flagship technologies for Vilmate, Android has been our means of delivering success to clients ever since 2012. We have implemented more than a score of Android projects. Many of them amply illustrate that whatever this technology currently offers can be efficiently used by us to bring your idea to life in fine quality and the most optimal manner.

Vilmate’s Android development team consists of several university-educated software engineers whose average experience with Android is 5 years. There is no version of Android or type of device they have not successfully worked with previously (currently, the versions we support include 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1).

Our Android development process is also distinctive of a broad use of a range of cutting-edge frameworks that allow enhancing the various characteristics of Android apps. In particular, we often use RxJava/RxAndroid to make the apps we develop more responsive. In order to render our apps more compliant with the IoC principles, and, thus, easier to maintain we use Dagger2oC. Another great means of ensuring our Android apps’ maintainability and testability we rely on is the Model-View-Presenter architecture (MVP).

97% Customer
Satisfaction Rate

100% customer satisfaction
has always been Vilmate’s true North.
Today, we have, practically, achieved our goal.

Mobile-Friendly Website Development

All of the websites we have created
provide great user experience
on mobile devices.

Startup Software Development

Vilmate has a stellar track record
of helping startups in several business niches
develop mission-critical solutions.


In addition, wherever possible, we use local DB to make the apps we develop less responsive to a slow Internet connection and also make regular use of battery-saving technologies.

Today, we can say with confidence we are fully qualified and equipped to implement the most challenging of requirements using Android.

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems

  • CRM tools, integrated workflow management and enterprise mashups

  • eCommerce and Social Commerce

  • Mobile Portals

  • Interactive media applications and entertainment portals

  • Interest-based communities and Social Networking applications


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