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6 tech trends of 2021: daring dreams that can become our reality

Igor Bagayev


Last time we discussed the tech trends that the COVID-19 pandemic provoked. Fortunately, the world moves not only around her. Here are 6 more trends of 2021.

The use of psychedelics in medicine

Humanity remembers the times when cough was treated with heroin, and cocaine was a treatment for depression. After the outbreak of drug addiction, we paused the study of psychoactive substances for a long time, but today we are  ready to experiment once again. Thanks to advances in technology, pharmaceutical companies will be able to better understand the effects of substances and understand how to make them work from the «good side». The idea has already been approved by the market: no wonder it was invested 4 times more in 2020 than in 2019 in this industry.

The law also goes over to the side of psychedelics: in some US states, these substances have already been decriminalized, and the rules for their handling have been significantly weakened.

Building the cities of the future

Silicon Valley is «yesterday». Visionaries of 2021 dream of creating a technological paradise: cities of the future. Time will tell how realistic these ideas are. Flying taxis, holographic teachers, glowing beaches, a colony on Mars and other ambitious plans belong to a wide range of players: from entire countries (for example, Saudi Arabia with the Neom project) to large companies (Toyota and Facebook) and even individuals (Bill Gates , Elon Musk).

Perhaps very soon we will really wake up in the reality of Luc Besson's "Fifth Element".

Way from the material world to the immaterial world

"Why should we go to the mall when everything can be bought online?» - this is the objection that we hear from users more and more. However, now we are not talking about shopping. Today we are ready to pay not only for goods, services and entertainment. Multiplayer online games have massively shaped a new market and have in fact become meta-spaces, where the buying and selling of virtual goods are not only flourishing, but new directions are also developing. Remember the Fortnite example? There have already been concerts, films, short series and other programs.

There are plenty of advantages to meta-spaces: a bigger market, more opportunities for interaction with fans, and we do not have to worry about many external reasons.

By all indications, this is a trend not only of 2021, but also at least for a whole decade.

Cashback: now for cryptocurrencies

An increasing number of users are imbued with trust to cryptocurrencies, but to make their number grow even faster, they introduced good old cashback for us. Retailers and payment companies have turned to proven tools and are launching blockchain-based loyalty programs.

Thus, bitcoin is becoming an increasingly common currency with familiar mechanisms. If you want - play on fluctuations in value and withdraw bitcoins into dollars, if you want to make money on cashback.

Flexible physical spaces

It's time to abandon familiar physical spaces and look for new use of them. The global trend for recycling has made its way here as well. Parking spaces are becoming a shopping area and outdoor cinema at the same time. Offices are being shattered, decentralized, and relocated to uncommon spaces. Shopping centers are redesigned and become a place that answers all questions from the client and instantly guides them along the path "from ordering to issuing the finished product."

And those who refuse to adapt to new conditions are doomed to extinction in the future.

At home in the office

Due to the pandemic, with a focus on the health of employees, the new trend came into sight: cleaning became more thorough, we started thinking about disinfection and improving the air quality. But globally, the idea is much broader. The workspace should be as comfortable as possible and at the same time less personalized. "A large office with a full-wall window" is a thing of the past. The future is: book a place in advance and come to work a couple of times a week in conditions close to home. Google and Microsoft campuses are no longer trending. In 2021, we are looking at how to reduce interactions between people and create a comfortable and safe space for employees.

It is difficult to say whether these trends will succeed or remain wonderful dreams. But it's definitely worth paying attention to them.

Thanks for reading!

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