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6 technological trends of 2021 have come in sight thanks to the pandemic

Igor Bagayev


Remember the phrase: "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, fools discuss people"?

In business, the situation is quite similar. At the company level, you can discuss the behavior of competitors, events in your area, or - upcoming trends and directions of improvement around the globe.

Let’s become "great minds" and talk about trends. What tech trends will 2021 bring us?

Thanks to the pandemic, the IT sector received an unprecedented impetus to development. We already knew that technology is useful, important, and convenient. But in 2020, technology has proven to be vital.

The word "vital" is here in its most direct meaning: we have never been in such a situation before. Human life and health directly depend on how technologically advanced is the environment you live in.

  • Can you work remotely or do you need to go outside and contact potential clients with the virus?
  • Do you have a delivery of essential things in your city: at least food, medicines, hygiene, and household items?
  • Do you still have an opportunity to contact family, friends and feel their emotional support?

These questions have created trends of 2021.

HealthCare is everywhere

Due to the pandemic, we began to think more about our health and well-being. And take care of oneself more. Hence, the trend towards changing public spaces increases. The focus is on noise reduction, identifying the comfortable air temperature, humidity, aroma comfortable for both employees and visitors. In the world of the future, the HealthCare zone will surround us 24/7. And this is also a matter of technology and their successful adaptation. 

Focus on sustainability

Many companies (even large and experienced players) appeared to be not ready for quick digitalization. The work on the mistakes will include: thinking through strategies for remote work, diversifying suppliers, and maximizing the adaptation of any business to the online environment. 

Empathy imitation

We are still far from creating a full-fledged AI, but all visionaries are taking steps in this direction. This is not a whim: in 2021, it is increasingly difficult to sell something without the consumer’s emotional involvement in the purchasing process (especially when, on the one hand, shopping becomes entertainment, and on the other, competition among online players grows). Therefore, companies make their efforts to create technologies that will interpret and correctly respond to the emotions of real people.


The recent focus towards globalization and the desire to «spread» everything has been replaced by the exact opposite. Exclusivity is in trend once again. For instance,  Clubhouse with its invites confirms this concept. Technologies that allow the user to feel exclusive, chosen, and experience an individual approach will be at a great price.

Home treatment

Recently, those who didn’t want to go to the hospital were convicted of self-harm, but nowadays, the transition to online medicine looks like an excellent solution in the eyes of society. At the very least, this will reduce waiting time, reduce the risk of infection, and provide more affordable medical care. The question of how to expand the range of services and improve the quality of the remote medicine workers is a matter of technology development.

The fight for data security

The concept is simple: everyone goes online, which means that we need to protect the data stored on the company servers or cloud storage. But how can this be done in a world where quantum computers are capable of breaking the protection of any complexity? Major players like IBM and Microsoft are actively solving this problem: without playing ahead of the time, everything will be lost, and the damage will result in enormous sums.

These are not all the trends of 2021 that we should look forward to. Stay tuned and I'll continue the list 👌

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