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Checklist: 9 rules of the “ideal” HR manager

Anna Kumbatova


Plunging into a routine, we sometimes relax and stop giving 100%. It’s always good to think about whether I’m really doing my best or can I do more and better?

I have compiled a checklist of the “ideal HR”, which I follow at work. Here it is:

1. Always adhere to the rules of business communication

It is very important to remember that business is business. And you shouldn't bring personal preferences or dislikes into communication with colleagues and candidates. There are norms of business communication that you should always adhere to, even if something provokes them to be violated.

2. Be as honest as possible with candidates and colleagues

The idea of ​​honesty overlaps with one of Vilmate's core values: maximum transparency in everything. There is no “good lie” at work: problems, complaints and failures need to be discussed and resolved. Without honest feedback, it is difficult to build a comfortable and efficient workflow.

3. Remember and care about the company's reputation

This point is especially important for an HR manager, because we are often responsible for the first impression of the company from the candidate. The image is made up of little things, and it is easy to destroy it. A grammatical error in correspondence, an untidy appearance, inappropriate vocabulary, and lack of punctuality - a company is judged by its employees, especially if they occupy a high position.

4. Disturb candidates and colleagues only on business, without distracting over trifles

We are all busy people, every day we have to solve a large volume of tasks. Let's respect our own and other people's time, and make working communication as conscious and useful as possible!

5. Be respectful and equal with everyone

Of course, someone else's experience and position in the company must be respected, but it is important to remember: we are a team, everybody’s contribution is significant and vital. To create a healthy working environment, everyone in the team needs to feel calm: not be afraid of communicating, suggesting new ideas, giving honest feedback and expressing their opinion.

6. Thoughtfully study the applicant's profile, his experience, knowledge, cases and expectations

This point seems obvious, but, unfortunately, even experienced professionals sometimes neglect to thoroughly study the candidate before scheduling an interview or the meeting itself. This approach is very dangerous: at best, you will waste your and other people's time, at worst - hire the wrong person.

7. At the interview, ask questions, relevant vacancies

Sometimes, in their desire to get to know the candidate better, HR managers start asking too many questions. It happens that the questions are “wrong” because of the violation of the previous paragraph. It is wiser to save your and others' time and ask only what can really influence your decision whether to offer a job.

8. Always explain the reason for refusal to the candidate in details 

Honest feedback is very important: the candidate must understand exactly why he was turned down. Sometimes the reason for refusal does not relate to professional competence, for example, the schedule or working conditions are not suitable. And it happens that you still manage to come to an agreement and find a compromise. In any case, to justify the reason for the refusal is a banal politeness.

9. Do not forget about the work routine and regular reports

There are periods of time oversaturated with business when it is tempting to postpone the routine "for later." But even with a high employment rate, it is better not to succumb to this desire: it is always harder to disassemble the blockage than to do a little at once.

Regular reports are a headache for many, but very useful in their work. They help you see exactly how things are going and where to push.

If you follow all 9 rules, you will definitely be an effective and useful member for your team. It will also be pleasant to communicate with you - respect, politeness and professionalism usually inspire sympathy!

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