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    Getting Ready for iOS 18: Essential Tips for App Owners

    Anastasiia Rezinkina

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    Apple introduced the latest iPhone update, iOS 18, at the WWDC 2024 conference and released updates for all its other devices.

    The entire internet is buzzing about the exciting features coming in September. However, little discussion has been given to the significance of this update for iOS web application owners and aspiring startup founders.

    At Vilmate, we always keep up with the times. Today, we will show you how to prepare your applications for the new version of iOS.

    New Features in Apple iOS 18 You Should Know About

    The new Apple iOS update impresses with its many capabilities and attention to detail. The latest version brings changes to almost every important aspect of Apple devices. Let's start with some minor innovations you can offer your users and finish with the major changes that could completely transform your applications.

    App Icon for the New iOS

    Android fans may chuckle at the fact that Apple will only allow icon design changes in 2024. However, we know that the company from Cupertino values design highly and doesn't want third-party theme creators to control it.

    Now, every app owner should ensure their icon matches the overall style and doesn't clash with the theme, which could annoy users. Apple offers three styles for app icons:

    • Light
    • Dark
    • Tinted

    Your task is to adjust your icon's dark and tinted versions so it looks great alongside system apps and widgets. Since users can still customize your icon's appearance, you need to ensure all elements are visible and don't blend into the background provided by Apple.

    iOS 18 icons

    Remember, your app icon is its face. Even a small change should be taken seriously. You can always consult Vilmate's designers to create the perfect look for your app.

    App Security with Access Keys

    Apple has always prioritized security, and the latest iPhone update introduces advanced methods for app owners. Access keys are cryptographic keys that replace passwords, simplify user authentication, and provide strong protection against phishing. Apple introduced them initially in iOS 16 and now encourages developers to integrate these keys into their apps before iOS 18 launches.

    With the new API, you can offer users a streamlined login process, eliminate password resets, and reduce support costs. The system prompts new users to create an access key when integrating the update. If users agree, their login process will be reduced from three steps (entering a login, password, and SMS code) to just one step (entering a login confirmed by FaceID), greatly improving user experience and reducing frustration.

    Furthermore, this innovation makes phishing attacks impossible. It's all benefits and no drawbacks. You can integrate this new iOS 18 app security system with the expertise of Vilmate's security specialists.

    Artificial Intelligence in the Latest iOS Update

    The newest iOS version will introduce Apple Intelligence - Apple's own AI. Powerful generative models will be available directly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, offering users new ways to communicate, express themselves, and get work done.

    You can integrate these new AI features directly into your app:

    1. Text tools will help users edit, summarize, and rewrite text. If your app uses text fields, these AI tools will work automatically. Your job is to set how your app behaves when these tools are active. For instance, you can pause syncing to prevent conflicts using the TextView delegate API.
    2. Image Playground lets users create images in apps like Messages and Notes. You can bring this capability to your app so users can create images within your app's context. You don't need to make your own AI models; use the Image Playground API.
    3. Improved Siri interactions are a unique experience in the latest iOS version. Siri will be more personalized, natural in conversation, and better at helping navigate iPhone tasks. To offer users the best experience, take advantage of these new iOS features. You can let Siri perform actions within your app, search for information, and fetch data from your app anywhere in the system.
    Apple Intelligence Capabilities

    Users upgrading to the new iPhone update expect a lot from its features. If your app doesn't provide these new capabilities, it could affect your reputation. Consider integrating these features now, before users start using the new system.

    Machine Learning in the New iOS

    Thanks to new technology called Core ML, you can now bring powerful machine learning to apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple Watch. This makes it easy to integrate learning libraries, so you can add advanced machine learning features to your app without the complexity or high costs.

    Machine Learning in the New iOS

    With Core ML, integrating AI and ML into your apps is more affordable. Apple has ensured that the latest iOS update is beneficial for both users and developers.

    Reach out to Vilmate to get your app fully ready for iOS 18. Our team includes skilled developers who are experts in Apple software.

    How to Update iPhone to iOS 18?

    There are many online guides on updating your iPhone to the beta version today. We advise against following these guides and recommend waiting for the official release. Using unofficial methods could lead to serious issues, such as your device crashing.

    To access the iOS 18 beta version now, you need to register as a developer on the Apple website. This is the only safe method to get the latest update for your iPhone. However, be aware that beta versions often come with bugs, which are normal during this testing phase.

    Follow the official instructions to discover which new features are worth integrating into your app. Alternatively, consult trusted specialists who can suggest the best ways to prepare your app for iOS 18. As mentioned before, the experts at Vilmate are always available to help you tackle any challenges. Let's work together to make your app modern and efficient!

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