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5 Reasons to choose Ukrainian developers for outsourcing app development

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If you are seeking to develop an organizational talent pool of strong software engineers for your project, you should definitely consider recruiting Ukrainian programmers outsourcing thus your app development. Not only allows the easily accessible World Wide Web entertaining oneself but also it is of great use for work. Besides, those numerous possibilities we now have in all the spheres of our lives let us choose from a wider variety of options. Thus, working teams are not limited to the definite amount of in-house employees anymore, you can outsource app development to a third party. So, we have compiled a list of five reasons why this third-party vendor should be the Ukrainian software development team and also some background information on the subject.

How expensive is it to outsource app development?

Of course, the total development cost depends on the country we are talking about. Let us look at the comparison tables for iOS and Android app development to see how different the costs may be when app development is being outsourced:

Hourly rate of iOS app development

EU $70
Ukraine $35
North America $120
South America $50
Eastern Europe $45
Asia $20

Hourly rate of Android app development

EU $70
Ukraine $30
North America $150
South America $40
Eastern Europe $35
Asia $25

However, this is only the approximate cost of outsourcing app development ou can find out how much it would cost precisely to hire an outsourcing team and get more accurate estimates only after negotiating the issue with the developers or by receiving expert judgement from an experienced manager. Right now we can see clearly that American and EU outsource app development costs tend to be higher than the expenses you may incur upon deciding to outsource.

You might think that higher prices mean better quality, but often it is not the case. Prices usually depend on the economic situation in the country, not on the expertise, skills or personal experience of app developers.

There are even more factors you have to take account of when outsourcing app development. Let us name these factors and look at them in more detail.

Top 3 issues involved in outsourcing to keep in mind

    • Time zone difference

    • Customs and trends

    • Communication skills

Globalization has a lot of benefits, so people from different countries can easily communicate and work together. Although it is rather simple, you can forget that you and your colleagues have different time zones. This difference is not crucial for people from Great Britain and Poland, it is only 1 hour. However, if we take, for example, the USA instead of Poland, the difference reaches 7 hours. What can make you forget about the difference in time, in this case, is the readiness and willingness of either party to work night shifts. Yet, it has to be taken into account when negotiating deadlines; otherwise, it can be too late to fix something.

Another important point of concern is culture and trends. Developers have to keep pace with the modern world and know about the fundamental trends. While working with people whose culture is very different from yours, you have to make sure that they are not bringing in a set of their own cultural customs, traditions, and values, which is complicating an issue and preventing you from understanding your partner. For example, some people write from right to left. If you find out too late that there is such a peculiarity, all the efforts you have made are in vain.

Working is not only about producing something, but it is also about communication. Only being able to discuss issues can help in creating the app that both sides will like. If a developer does not have any questions, does not show the results of his/her work on the project in the middle of the process, then there is a possibility that you will not get exactly what you expect.

Is there more to be aware of while on the subject of software development outsourcing?

There are more points for you have to keep in mind when outsourcing mobile app development. Testing apps is very important and you should never skip it. It might not always be possible for people from different countries. However, this problem can be solved by using a virtual private network, or VPN.

When you decide to outsource mobile app development, you have to choose whether you need a big company or a small one or even independent developers. Each possibility has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, unlike big companies, small enterprises and independent developers can be more attentive to your app. On the other hand, you would never doubt the technical expertise and development capabilities of middle-sized firms.

However, it is easy to check how small companies or independent developers suit you by starting your cooperation with them with smaller projects.

App development in Ukraine

If you decide to outsource mobile app development to Ukrainian specialists, here are the options you have:

    • small agencies
    • middle-sized companies
    • independent developers

Middle-sized companies usually have 60+ employees while there are 10-50 employees in small ones. The pricing does not depend on the number of employees and varies from $25/hour to $50/hour. Besides, in case you are looking for long cooperation, then it is better to consider companies that have great experience in working on both iOS and Android application development and thus prepare yourself for future opportunities. If you need only one app, it will be easier to find an app development partner.

Top 5 reasons to choose Ukrainian developers

  1. skilled developers
  2. a great number of IT centers and institutes
  3. English-speaking programmers
  4. no cultural influence
  5. good quality at an affordable price

Ukrainian app developers are very skilled and talented; they keep pace with their colleagues from the USA and EU without falling behind. There are many IT companies that willingly employ them. However, Ukrainian software developers still often do freelance work. That is why it is possible to find an extremely good developer from Ukraine.

The number of IT centers and institutes is great in Ukraine. School kids, students and young graduates attend such courses. More and more people are interested in this sphere. It is believed to be easier for young people to acquire new skills, and IT developers from Ukraine start learning programming when they are young enough.

The English language is an international language nowadays and in all the schools and universities children and students are taught English. Not all the people know English well, English language skills of our professionals, however, are good enough to create effective communication.

Ukraine has its own beautiful culture, and people are proud of it. They can trace it in movies, paintings, and poems, but not at work. Ukrainian jobs mostly are not influenced by the culture, so it will not be difficult to outsource app development to this country.

Price is always a tricky issue. Clients usually want to get good products at low prices. Ukrainian prices are not high compared to the ones in the US or EU. However, quality is by no means worse. If you doubt it, you can test some apps Ukrainian developers have created or ask them to create an MVP for you first.

You might have noticed that app development in Ukraine and in Asia has similar price rates. However, choosing Ukrainian developers is likely to be more beneficial for a client because of the time zone difference. Even though most people are always available because they stay awake for a long time or wake up early, you should not rely on it too much. Being able to communicate briefly during working hours can make the cooperation much quicker and more efficient.

As it has been mentioned already, Ukrainian developers are skilled and have a good command of English, these two options complement each other. There is a lot of essential information available in English. Being able to understand it is necessary to stay up to date nowadays and developers from Ukraine are interested in gaining this knowledge and ready to get the fullest of it.


Ukraine is a country where competent mobile app and web developers are legion. There are many reasons to hire Ukrainian specialists for outsourcing software development, so why not try? Even if you have heard about some disadvantages of outsourcing app development, it does not mean that your experience is bound to be negative or that it is not worth trying. Chances are you will discover much more advantages than disadvantages if there are any at all.

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