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Five reasons to hire
Ukrainian outsource developers

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If you want to create quality software and save your money, you can look at the options for outsourcing. While choosing an outsourcing company one obviously aims to get the best value for his or her money. There are many factors that influence the price rate in any country. Among them are the living standards, the system of taxation, the cost of required hard- and software, and programmers’ competence.

Brilliant outsourcing developers are precious. The success of your project depends on them. However, they are not easy to find. So, it may be a good idea to entrust foreign software development companies with your project to get a better result and to cut your expenses.

The outsourcing industry is booming in Ukraine. The country has become one of the largest outsourcing services providers in the world. Thus, it is a primary destination for software development. The number of IT companies and specialists is constantly growing, and they have to compete on the market, which turns the Ukrainian outsourcing into a thriving and lucrative business.

The software outsourcing market has grown dramatically. There are more than a thousand IT companies in Ukraine which proved to be reliable business partners. They offer many kinds of technologies such as IOS, Android, .NET Development, Python, PHP Development, Web App Development, JavaScript, Manual and Automated testing, etc. Their services include IT consulting, web design, mobile design, app development, testing, software development, outsourcing services, etc.

If you are still hesitating about turning to Ukrainian outsourcing companies, here are top 5 convincing reasons to hire Ukrainian developers.

1. Quality

Education is a cornerstone of a specialist’s proficiency. It is difficult to get a job without a higher education. Due to a large number of higher educational establishments and education affordability, almost a half of Ukrainian programmers have at least Bachelor degree. Schoolchildren can enter a university for free if they demonstrate excellent results on their enrollment tests.

Besides technical universities, there are also lots of courses that teach programming. That is why it is not surprising that Ukraine has approximately 90 000 qualified IT specialists, 50 000 of them are software developers. It is also in the top 3 list of European countries that have the greatest number of certified IT professionals. According to the IAOP, 13 Ukrainian companies belong to the list of 100 top outsourcing companies in 2017.

Ukrainian software engineers are very skillful in a variety of technologies. Java, Python, JavaScript, C# and PHP are the most widely spread programming languages among Ukrainian IT workers. The country also proved its leadership in the number of professionals in C++ and Unity 3D specialists.

2. Good Level of English

It is difficult to deal with your employees if having language barriers. Being the language of international communication, English is definitely a must for Ukrainian programmers. They are starting to learn English as a foreign language at school. Moreover, Ukrainian IT companies often have English courses and speaking clubs of their own which are either free or partially reimbursed.

Thus, almost a half of Ukrainian IT specialists speak English fluently, most of them have an intermediate level of English with a deep knowledge of IT topics. This makes Ukraine a perfect choice for any tech company.

3. Cost

The most important issue while choosing a development company is the cost of its services. The costs for software outsourcing development in Ukraine are quite different from those of other countries. The subsistence level, price rates and wages are not high there. Hiring Ukrainian developers can help tech companies to increase their productivity. In such a way the same budget will provide them with more results.

On average, Ukrainian software developers earn $30-50 per hour, which makes approximately $4-6k per month. It is 40-60% less than American and European companies charge their clients. Nevertheless, Ukrainian companies provide competitive services of a pretty high quality.

4. Convenient Time Zone

It is important to always have a possibility to discuss the project development with your employees, but the time difference can become an obstacle to that. Ukraine has a very convenient location. It is only one hour ahead of the majority of European countries and 7 hours ahead of North America.

Thus, tech companies hiring developers from Ukraine can easily establish working hours convenient for both parties, which makes the country a perfect foreign partner.

5. Mentality

The factor that is likely to be neglected is mentality and cultural background. It is great to be on the same wavelength with your project company. Having a similar culture and way of thinking leads to more understanding and greater efficiency. Ukraine has lots of common traditions and values with Europe and America, so you won’t have difficulty in choosing words while communicating with your subordinates.

Ukrainians are workaholics by nature. They are not just great performers. Ukrainian software engineers are strongly motivated, they like taking up challenges, getting personally involved in what they are doing, and they are very interested in facilitating the working process.

Ukrainian IT companies have an incredibly strong team spirit. Each worker is willing to contribute to a common endeavor, to grow professionally by learning from his or her colleagues and of course to communicate with like-minded people. It goes without saying that such people can be entrusted with any task.

The last but not the least is that such corporate giants as Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, and IBM have development centers located in Ukraine. A lot of famous brands like WhatsApp, Wix, Paypal, and Magento are closely cooperating with the Ukrainian web developers. This is the most convincing proof of them being truly professional and reliable partners.

Don’t hesitate to choose Ukrainian firms, which are considered to be among the best outsourcing companies in the world. You can get a lot of benefits of outsourcing. It is an effective way of optimization of your work processes, getting a professional expertise, saving your time and money, and having a successful project as a result. Therefore, it will help your company to grow and thrive.

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