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A Sports Event Management App for Mindconnect

EVENTICO is a mobile app intended to plan and manage marathons, triathlons and bicycle races. You can chart a route and plot one or more aid stations along this route, indicating their type.

The software supports several types of aid stations, including delivery, road closure and others. The app allows the user to determine the position of their company’s staff, deployed along the route.


About the Client

MindConnect is a Stockholm-based provider of innovative services relating to intelligent transportation technologies. It drives the development of smart mobility solutions and supports further transformations in the field. This location intelligence platform helps unlock the full potential of customer data with a view to saving time and resources.



A Swedish technology-driven company, engaged in developing a range of route-planning applications, approached Vilmate to implement one of their products, - a sports event management application. Vilmate was chosen by the client after a detailed evaluation of our technical capabilities, relevant experience and skills.

The client’s application is used for planning and managing marathons, triathlons and bicycle racing events. As a route-planner application, the software allows plotting a route and aid stations along this route, indicating the type of the latter (delivery supply, road closure, and so on). It is also possible to determine the current position of the company staff, posted along the route.

The task management functionality of the client’s software allows their customers to create a diverse range of tasks. The staff posted along an event route can use the application to report these tasks as completed upon their execution. In order to allow visibility into the current  situation, stations with completed tasks are colored green, while those with tasks that are still pending execution are colored red. It is possible for both the administrator and field staff to send notifications and reply to them.

The application consists of two parts: Web-based and mobile. Vilmate was hired to implement the project from scratch and in it’s entirety.


From the very beginning of the project, our team, which consisted of 3 software engineers, built an excellent rapport with the client. Our developers were managed directly by the client’s Project Manager and one of their co-founders.

As the implementation process was closely linked to several sports events, co-managed by the client and highly important for them, the project included several milestones. The first of these milestones was set for 1.5 months following the start of the project. Our project team met all the deadlines associated with the above, thereby providing timely support for the client’s business development activities.

The project has now been ongoing for 1 year.


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The client has acquired a premium-quality software product that was delivered to them cost-effectively and strictly on time and on budget. They have been able to establish themselves as a sports event management provider both domestically and internationally (France).

“Vilmate has been extremely helpful. They’ve helped us tap into a new market niche and have done that superbly” - says our client’s CEO Jonas Bohman. “They have awesome developers we get along with very well.”

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