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    12 years of experience in custom software development services, 100+ successfully released cases, 150+ tech experts. Vilmate will help you to design, develop, and implement any custom software based on your ideas and needs. Don't hesitate to boost your business with innovative technology solutions.
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    Tech Trends
    Reduce financial risks, automate processes, and increase transparency by developing digital financial products and solutions.
    Enhance the retail experience for consumers and merchants providing custom solutions tailored to the needs of the modern retail environments.
    Get easy-to-use applications and solutions to meet the evolving healthcare needs of customers and providers.
    Develop systems and tools that allow making transportation and logistics management simpler, more efficient, and more transparent.
    Meet customer needs by offering a modern insurance platform allowing clients to assess and value their insurance risks.
    Marketing & Advertising
    Empower marketers to connect with their customers in more immersive and less cumbersome ways for greater efficiency and increased ROI.


    Vilmate has been able to quickly put together a very competent team for our mobile development that has produced a robust and well-designed mobile product, instrumental for the success of our company.

    In addition to developing a stable application, Vilmate has been very flexible when we’ve needed additional bandwidth and been able to with quick notice bring onboard additional resources for troubleshooting, testing and meeting tight deadlines.

    We will continue working with Vilmate for our mobile development and can recommend them to others in our situation.

    Peder Nordvaller
    Founder at &frankly
    Vilmate has the flexibility, competence, and quality that are crucial for an outsourcing partner. We received an appropriate level of commitment to respond quickly and professionally to our hiring needs. They are highly cooperative and reliable – the people you want to have on your team.
    Bannerflow_logo image
    Daniel Fahlén
    Business Development & Co-founder at Bannerflow
    We are happy to have come across Vilmate. These guys are technically savvy, have great work ethics and know how to deliver in an agile way in a startup environment. An awesome team we want to continue working with.
    Copatient Logo
    Daniel Lyakovetsky
    Executive Partner at CoPatient, Inc.
    We’ve been working with Vilmate for more than a year now and have tripled the number of our dedicated team since we started with them. They’ve added quite a bit of value to our product. All the code they've delivered has been delivered in excellent quality… They are also never behind schedule.
    Sam Jahanfar


    Dedicated Teams

    We augment our clients' in-house software development teams with highly qualified experts in accordance with their requirements and in the shortest possible time. All our clients regard their Vilmate-provided teams as their in-house employees who are a lot more cost-effective and just happen to be based in a different location. The process remains fully transparent and controllable by you at all times.

    Fixed-price projects

    Vilmate has a vast experience in delivering fixed-price projects to tech companies worldwide. When the final deliverable is predictable, then the value that clients want can be brought to them by making a fixed-price contract. It helps to negotiate the potential outcome and expected result. Best suited for the projects with the limited scope and strict deadlines, it provides a predictable cost base and the right level of talent to solve your business challenges.

    Time & Material

    Some of our developers are available on a Time & Material basis. As a custom software development firm, Vilmate offers needed resources based on their hourly rates. Our specialists will provide you with the appropriate tech consulting and guide you towards the project implementation. Most suitable for complex IT projects, a T&M model is based on the actual effort taken, so you will pay only for the time and resources spent on your project.


    Jobcast is an online platform that facilitates interactions between candidates and employers in the form of a podcast. It allows job seekers to apply for open positions and employers to post job ads by submitting audio recordings. Jobcast changes the way talents are recruited.
    The Geras application helps individuals prevent, treat and manage dementia. It is presenting special ICT/mobile health tools, thus allowing users to get in touch with a dementia certified specialist and receive tailored advice.
    CoPatient is a Connecticut, US-based, technology-driven healthcare startup, launched by a group of entrepreneurs with a positive previous experience of creating successful companies in this business domain. CoPatient aims to help consumers reduce their medical bills and solve other healthcare-related problems.


    100+ top tech professionals as part of an ever-expanding team
    8+ years of establishing a reputation in the software development industry
    30+ successfully implemented projects
    97% Customer Satisfaction Rate
    Let’s Talk!
    To get your project underway, simply contact us and an expert will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      “I’m looking forward to keep on working with Vilmate”

      A great technical team and a great partner we’ve been lucky to come across. We have been working together for many years and I’m looking forward to keep on working with Vilmate...

      They are “our team” – not “Vilmate's team” and I like that a lot!