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We are a Ukrainian tech company providing offshore software development services to help you engineer your success.
We offer core services, related to the implementation of your custom software services and products and the integration of this software into existing applications and infrastructure.


Digital solutions for patient and practitioners
Progressive health IT solutions that are convenient and quick to access through a mobile or web app also allow for dramatic advances in clinical, financial and operational results. They will facilitate information sharing, medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. Communication between potential stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem can thus be supported in a number of ways, so that patients, providers, hospitals or health systems, payors, and suppliers can always stay connected with one another. In turn, digital healthcare solutions like mHealth apps, patient portals, and personal health records will ensure patients have control over their health and receive personalized care.

Medical practice management
The software in the healthcare industry can also be used for the optimization of internal operations. It brings about improvements right in the healthcare setting and affects in a positive way the work that often goes on behind the scenes, unnoticed by patients. Processes, by which internal operations are managed, include appointment scheduling, patient billing and registration, document and inventory management, claims processing and reporting. Given the power of comprehensive medical practice management software, these processes are well-supported to effectively deliver services to customers.

Risk and compliance management
The healthcare industry is riddled with potential legal issues. The key healthcare laws are aimed at giving patients a variety of rights and protecting personal health information. So, it is essential that practitioners and other people involved in service delivery understand these laws and remain compliant with the ever-changing mandates like HIPAA, HITECH or HITRUST security practices. Some healthcare solutions are developed to serve this very purpose of simplifying compliance management and the administration of health insurance, reducing risks related to data breaches and malware attacks.
Health-related data analysis
Healthcare solutions support not only data management but also its analysis. This may help create a single source of truth, encourage data-driven decision-making and promote the development of innovation-based strategies for delivering health care. Importantly, the construction of a data analytics infrastructure that primarily unifies data can also unify care. Wearables, mHealth applications, remote health monitoring, and virtual care are all important parts of a system. Together, they help find and keep a fine balance between quality and cost in health care, provide preventive and remote care, improve the diagnostic and treatment processes.


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Dedicated Teams

We augment our clients' in-house software development teams with highly qualified experts in accordance with their requirements and in the shortest possible time. All our clients regard their Vilmate-provided teams as their in-house employees who are a lot more cost-effective and just happen to be based in a different location. The process remains fully transparent and controllable by you at all times.

Fixed-price projects

Vilmate has a vast experience in delivering fixed-price projects to tech companies worldwide. When the final deliverable is predictable, then the value that clients want can be brought to them by making a fixed-price contract. It helps to negotiate the potential outcome and expected result. Best suited for the projects with the limited scope and strict deadlines, it provides a predictable cost base and the right level of talent to solve your business challenges.

Time & Material

Some of our developers are available on a Time & Material basis. As a custom software development firm, Vilmate offers needed resources based on their hourly rates. Our specialists will provide you with the appropriate tech consulting and guide you towards the project implementation. Most suitable for complex IT projects, a T&M model is based on the actual effort taken, so you will pay only for the time and resources spent on your project.


We can do a facinating scribing for your business. Design thinking has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate the constant rate of change in today's climate.
We can do a facinating scribing for your business. Design thinking has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate the constant rate of change in today's climate.
We can do a facinating scribing for your business. Design thinking has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate the constant rate of change in today's climate.


100+ top tech professionals as part of an ever-expanding team
8+ years of establishing a reputation in the software
development industry
We have more than 10 successful cases in the MedTech industry

97% Customer
Satisfaction Rate
Now is the right time to reconsider how we define the role of technology in healthcare and start adapting to new market conditions.

From our eBook you'll learn:
Medical startups: what to know to succeed
In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the massive digital health investing trend is emerging. A variety of business models, including telehealth, tech-enabled primary care, digital pharmacies, and fitness benefits, are experiencing a surge in funding deals. This increasing financing of digital health companies represents the public demand to shape a new future for the industry. Besides, employment in healthcare occupations in the US is forecasted to grow 15 percent within the next 10 years. It all provides fertile ground for healthcare startups to augment the global healthcare landscape through digital transformation.
How to make a health insurance app?
The mobile app development for healthcare looks more and more like a potentially useful idea. 2020 is definitely the year that is bringing innovation to the digital health space, so in this time of unprecedented medical crisis, the demand for secure and usable health solutions – and health insurance mobile apps particularly – becomes an integral part of the process.

The mobile health (mHealth) market is booming worldwide. Recent research predicts its size will reach USD 57.57 billion by 2026, exhibiting a staggering сompound annual growth rate of 29.1% between 2019 and 2026.
4 in-demand technologies in telemedicine
Telemedicine paves the way for technologically advanced specialty care and high-tech medicine. From real-time consultations and diagnoses aided by ML to wearable Iot devices securely monitoring and transmitting patient data remotely – a world of new and developing cutting-edge technologies are set to significantly impact healthcare delivery in 2020 and beyond.

However, finding the right tools remains the continuing challenge for hospitals and doctors in private practice who are eager to find their way around telemedicine.
How to create a telemedicine app in 2021?
In the year 2019, the global telemedicine market was valued at USD 30.7 billion. Amid the pandemic crisis of 2020, it is already estimated at USD 31.4 billion and is expected to reach USD 75.2 billion by 2027. Most experts agree that telemedicine will give a new dimension to the healthcare sector in the nearest future.
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