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Email marketing and marketing automation software Posted by vilmate in Blog, Services on June 19th, 2019

Digital marketing has a variety of channels to choose from for successful business promotion. Yet, a positive result is achievable only by following a well-structured marketing strategy and it is email marketing automation software that affords you this opportunity allowing you to not waste your...

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Why your project needs a discovery phase Posted by vilmate in Blog, Services on May 8th, 2019

A discovery phase of a software project is exactly what can help you come up with the right user experience (UX) design solution. It will allow adding value to the product development process, which is always incremental, as is a complex process of ensuring usability...

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Five reasons to hire Ukrainian outsource developers Posted by vilmate in Services on January 23rd, 2018

If you want to create quality software and save your money, you can look at the options for outsourcing. While choosing an outsourcing company one obviously aims to get the best value for his or her money. There are many factors that influence the price...

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