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    Top 6 notable IT and close-to-IT events of 2023

    Anastasiia Rezinkina

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    The year 2023 brought us a lot of exciting developments in the field of information technology. We went through a bit of a scare about a crisis in the IT world, but at the same time, we saw some fantastic progress in artificial intelligence. We witnessed Twitter’s stocks taking a hit when Elon Musk joined, tried out Mark Zuckerberg’s Treads, and were impressed by Apple’s augmented reality glasses. Overall, the IT industry had a busy year and continued to grow.

    IT has become a big part of our lives. Nowadays, almost every business is online. More and more companies are using artificial intelligence to make work easier. Recently, Bill Gates even said that people might start working only three days a week because of technology.

    Artificial intelligence is significantly advancing in medicine, construction, logistics, and other areas. Additionally, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and other cutting-edge technologies play a significant role in our daily lives.

    The ongoing trends in IT are progressing thanks to talented experts who share their ideas and startups at conferences. Today, we want to review the highlights of 2023 and discuss the significant events in the IT world. We’ll explore the topics experts discussed at key IT conferences and try to understand what to expect in 2024.

    Web Summit 2023

    Web Summit is the biggest and most well-known technology event that has been happening in major European cities for several years. Forbes describes this event as a “rock concert in the field of technology.” In 2023, the Web Summit took place in Lisbon, filling Portugal’s capital with fresh ideas and technological breakthroughs.

    Websummit 2023

    A company from Dublin, Ireland, is organizing a Web Summit. The conference has a straightforward goal: understanding where the industry is heading. Politicians, IT specialists, journalists, founders of major companies, and investors gathered in Lisbon to answer this question.

    How was Web Summit 2023?

    The event brought together 2,608 startups and 70,236 participants from 153 countries. Investors were looking for promising startups to invest in, while startups hoped to catch the attention of investors.

    A significant part of the event was the speeches from various speakers. In 2023, Web Summit featured many well-known and influential figures. For example, Meredith Whittaker, the president of Signal with 17 years of experience in the IT industry, shared her insights. Despite the ongoing military actions in Ukraine, Vladimir Klitschko also spoke at the event. Formerly a world-renowned boxer, Vladimir now serves as the ambassador for Kyiv Digital, aiming to showcase the country’s continuous technological development amid challenging wartime conditions.

    Another noteworthy speaker was Kuo Zhang, the president of Alibaba.com. Attendees at the conference undoubtedly benefited from the insights of someone who has provided services to 47 million businesses in 200 countries worldwide.

    The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, attended the Web Summit. The conference also featured notable figures such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Microsoft’s Director of Development Melanie Nakagawa, and Sega’s Chief Operating Officer Suzi Utsumi.

    The presence of globally renowned names at the Web Summit was impressive. Over 700 authoritative speakers addressed the audience, covering more than 30 areas, including AI, Web 3, SAAS, Gaming, VR & AR, and many others.

    A positive aspect of Web Summit was its commitment to gender equality, with 43% of the conference participants being women.

    As always, the highlight of Web Summit was PITCH – the startup competition. Each participant had just 3 minutes to present their projects.

    The competition’s winner was the Brazilian company Inspira, which specializes in developing legal software using artificial intelligence. Second place was shared by Cognimate, a healthcare startup from Cyprus, and Kinderpedia, a Romanian startup focusing on childcare solutions.

    PITCH showcased the main trends in IT development for 2023. Let’s examine the event’s key themes and draw conclusions from this significant event.

    Main Themes of Web Summit

    The standout theme at Web Summit was, as expected, artificial intelligence. Out of the 105 companies in the conference, 19 were focused on “AI and Machine Learning,” and an additional 18 startups presented AI-based solutions.

    Various speakers delved into the AI topic. Experts discussed ethical concerns around artificial intelligence and explored its impact on jobs and marketing. For instance, during the Web Summit opening, Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia creator, shared AI insights.

    Artificial intelligence is now being applied even in fields traditionally unrelated to IT, and this trend is only getting stronger. For example, Agritech uses autonomous robots and AI for precision farming services. FreshSens is reducing post-harvest losses and optimizing supply chain efficiency for perishable products.

    The second central theme of the Web Summit was climate issues and clean technologies. Artificial intelligence is considered a solution to address climate problems. The key speaker on this matter was Melanie Nakagawa. According to her, AI can help achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions.

    Among the PITCH participants was the startup ReLearn, with the slogan “We turn your waste into a resource using artificial intelligence.” Their solution allows tracking company waste through AI and gamification to engage the community.

    Predictably, environmental solutions attracted investors. According to the Web Summit app data, two startups dedicated to this issue made it into the top 10 most exciting startups:

    • 1s1 Energy provides water electrolysis systems for producing environmentally friendly hydrogen.
    • Magnotherm is a startup developing cooling systems without using climate-damaging refrigerants.

    Considerable attention was also given to innovations in healthcare. Participants discussed medical technologies impacting patient care and well-being or addressed future health and lifestyle concerns.

    Customization, automation, and the ability to provide remote assistance are the main trends in this industry. Here are a few examples from the competition participants:

    • Actif focuses on healthy aging with individual workout plans and automatically generated videos.
    • inSignals Neurotech improves therapeutic interventions for neuromuscular disorders by accurately measuring motor symptoms.
    • PRIMS assesses the severity of Parkinson’s disease using cameras, surveys, and machine learning.

    Another trend is using AI, which is now essential in many areas. Another category in the summit and competition is Software as a Service (SaaS), the second most popular among companies chosen for PITCH, with 18 companies.

    There’s a growing trend towards SaaS solutions designed for specific industry needs. For instance, Covalo creates a data platform for the consumer goods industry, Envoy is a recommendation platform for subscription-based applications, and hiPets is an online booking system for pet services with a marketplace. There were also SaaS solutions for the paint industry, metal construction manufacturers, and wholesale food trading in the competition.

    The popularity of SaaS can be easily explained – there’s a constant demand for this convenient collaboration model. Developers care for settings and support, while users must pay on time. Additionally, SaaS solutions are regularly updated with modern technologies like AI.

    Web Summit 2024 will be even more extensive and exciting. If you have your startup, it’s time to start preparing for the event. The experts at Vilmate are always ready to help you develop a fresh product based on innovative technologies.

    Apple WWDC 2023

    Apple WWDC is an annual event that captures widespread attention. Unlike other conferences, many people outside IT are familiar with Apple WWDC.

    It is a testament to Apple’s brand strategy: it keeps its fans engaged by making them follow all the events and news, consistently presenting fascinating solutions.

    Apple WWDC

    At the Apple conference, developers from all corners of the globe come together to explore the new capabilities of the company based in Cupertino. Naturally, Apple also introduces new products, especially intriguing for IT professionals – usually, these are the latest Mac devices.

    How did Apple WWDC 2023 unfold?

    The Apple conference, lasting four days as usual, featured a keynote presentation highlighting the company’s latest innovations and the capabilities of new technologies. They also held a competition for the best application and organized educational sessions for developers.

    The most significant parts of WWDC were the presentations of new software versions like iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14 Sonoma, tvOS 17, and watchOS 10.

    Apple also introduced new products such as:

    • Apple Reality Pro
    • MacBook Air 15
    • Mac Studio M2 Max | M2 Ultra
    • Mac Pro M2 Ultra

    The event wasn’t just about unveiling new solutions. After the announcements, programmers could seek guidance from Apple experts for in-depth consultations on working with the latest technologies.

    A highlight of the event was the 2023 Apple Design Awards, which recognizes the best applications and games in various categories. The app Universe, allowing easy website creation, won in the “Inclusivity” category. The popular language learning app Duolingo won in the “Delight and Fun” category, and Flighty, a flight tracker and travel planner, emerged victorious in the “Interaction” category.

    The competition showcased the finest games and applications tailored for Apple devices. Now, let’s explore the main trends at the conference.

    Main Themes of WWDC 2023

    The primary focus of WWDC 2023 was unquestionably augmented reality. It isn’t surprising, as Apple introduced its first AR glasses, which offer new ways to interact with the digital world.

    Spatial design was a significant topic discussed over several days of the conference. Apple experts also guided on creating 3D models and developing applications and games for VisionOS. Machine learning was another central theme, thanks to the capabilities unlocked by the new Apple Silicon M2.

    As for what to expect from Apple WWDC in 2024, we can only make educated guesses. What’s clear is that new technologies and innovative products are on the horizon. If you’re working on a startup, it’s worth considering Apple’s technology, as the company will likely maintain its influence for many years.

    AI & Big DATA EXPO 2023

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a standard topic at various events, which is not surprising given that the future of technology fascinates and concerns people. The AI & Big DATA EXPO is a conference focused on AI-related issues. During the event, many experts discussed ethical concerns related to AI, its development, and more.

    Big Data Expo

    What we saw during AI & Big DATA EXPO 2023

    Over 6,000 participants, including 56% of company directors and influential figures, attended the conference. The attendees were venture investors, government officials, developers, and programmers.

    Notable speakers at the conference included Shahin Shakarami (Director of Data and Analytics at IKEA), Sanchit Junaidja (Director of Data Science and Machine Learning Platform at Booking.com), Gail Anders and TJ Mead (Managers at Netflix), and Irakli Beridze (Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at UNICRI, UN).

    On the first day of the event, speakers delivered lectures on various aspects of AI. They discussed Edge AI, a notable new sector focused on enabling people to use AI processes without relying on the cloud, addressing concerns about privacy or slowdowns due to data transmission.

    Speakers also discussed the use of AI in law enforcement, with representatives from the ING company presenting a lecture on risk management using AI.

    In addition, participants at the AI & Big DATA EXPO spent a significant amount of time discussing data privacy when using artificial intelligence, the challenges of scaling, and ethical considerations.

    Toward the end of the day, speakers from IKEA and Netflix discussed the practical applications of AI. IKEA’s speaker, Shahin Shakarami, talked about personalized recommendations and the transformative impact on customer experience. Managers from Netflix presented a methodology for a continuity program, providing organizational leaders with real-time insights into the state of their company.

    The content on the event’s second day covered topics such as Optimized Data and Analytics, Transformational AI, and Human Approaches to DTX.

    Main Themes of AI & Big DATA EXPO 2023

    The central focus of AI & Big DATA EXPO 2023 is undoubtedly artificial intelligence and all its related aspects. Participants at the conference are addressing issues such as data security, improving machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and the ethical use of AI.

    It’s common knowledge that artificial intelligence will play a significant role in shaping our future. Therefore, it’s crucial to start discussing and addressing even the most minor concerns today.

    While we can’t predict all the remarkable advancements AI will make in 2024, one thing is sure: it’s important to start engaging with this technology now. Exploring this field is a definite must if you’re working on a startup.

    Google Cloud Next ’23

    Google Cloud Next is an annual conference arranged by Google for its clients and partners in cloud computing. The conference occurs in different countries globally and brings together thousands of participants, including technical experts, leaders, and business professionals.

    Google Cloud Next

    How big was Google Cloud Next ’23?

    The conference took place in San Francisco, making it an exhilarating event. It marked the first time since 2019 that the conference was held in person, drawing in many developers, investors, and curious attendees keen on innovation.

    Google unveiled a whopping 160 updates and products at the event! While we won’t delve into every detail, we’ll spotlight the essential products and trends.

    Undoubtedly, once again, the spotlight was on generative AI. Artificial intelligence played a prominent role in the company’s new products - Vertex AI and Duet AI, revolutionizing cloud technologies. Vertex AI and Duet AI have brought about significant transformations in analytics and databases.

    In addition, the conference featured A3 supercomputers equipped with NVIDIA H100 GPUs specifically designed for handling artificial intelligence tasks. These are the first supercomputers available for public use, marking a remarkable technological advancement.

    Google also excelled in networking by introducing the Cross-Cloud Network platform and various tools to enhance the collaborative user experience.

    Numerous solutions were developed to improve cybersecurity, a significant trend in 2023. Duet AI, along with other innovative solutions, played a crucial role in enhancing the security of confidential data.

    Throughout the three-day conference, Google conducted numerous sessions to educate attendees on working with new technologies and address their questions.

    A noteworthy event was the Google Cloud Customer Awards 2023, where organizations with innovative thinking were recognized. Awards were presented to companies in different categories, such as:

    • Sustainability (Department of Environmental Conservation, SAP, Vodafone)
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (COTA, kakaobrain, nexusEdge)
    • Social Impact (Twiga, FairPriceGroup)
    • Talent Transformation (Ford, Equifax, Fortenova Grupa)

    This is just a glimpse of the winners and categories. The 161st announcement from the company invited everyone interested to attend Google Cloud Next ’24, promising an equally exciting experience.

    Main Themes of Google Cloud Next ’23

    The primary focus of the event was undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence and its capabilities. Google also gave considerable attention to data analytics and cybersecurity.

    One of the most exciting highlights was the announcement of a supercomputer that will be accessible to the public.

    Overall, the Google conference reflected the general trends of 2023. In 2024, we anticipate even more exciting innovations!

    WOMEN IN TECH Global Conference 2023

    WOMEN IN TECH is a unique and large-scale virtual event that brings together thousands of women worldwide to discuss issues and trends in the IT industry.

    It’s well-known that there are many women in IT, some of which have significantly impacted the industry. Notable figures include Ada Lovelace, who created the first computer algorithm; Mary Lee Woods, the creator of the first commercial PCs; and Grace Hopper, the inventor of the first compiler.

    Women have also played crucial roles in developing Wi-Fi (thanks to Hedy Lamarr), creating software for the Apollo program (led by Margaret Hamilton), and contributing to various other technological advancements. However, the IT industry faces several challenges that hinder the progress and advancement of women. This is why WOMEN IN TECH is considered one of the most important annual conferences.

    How did the WOMEN IN TECH GLOBAL CONFERENCE 2023 go?

    The event was awe-inspiring in terms of scale. It brought together 100,000 attendees from 172 countries. About 7,000 women representing various companies participated, and more than 700 speakers delivered lectures.

    This popular conference attracted well-known sponsors such as PepsiCo, Ubuntu, Mercedes, Ford, IAEA, and many others.

    Noteworthy speakers included figures like Deb Cupp (President of Microsoft), Dr. May Wang (CTO of Palo Alto Networks), Elaine Zhou (CTO of Change.org), and Sha Hurley (Executive Coach/Leadership Development Consultant at Google).

    On the first day of the conference, speakers discussed leadership topics, challenges in promoting women to leadership roles, and team dynamics and management methods. The second day focused on development and technology. Speakers covered cybersecurity, cloud technologies, game and website development, design, and even robotics. Of course, this day included discussions about artificial intelligence.

    The third day addressed career development, remote work, mental health, and personal branding issues.

    Overall, WOMEN IN TECH proved to be one of the most diverse conferences, avoiding a narrow focus on major trends and instead dedicating attention to the development of various technologies.


    The primary focus of the conference was self-development. There was a significant emphasis on issues related to career growth and the psychological aspects of work. Speakers at WOMEN IN TECH also discussed creating a positive work environment that promotes productivity and prevents professional burnout.

    The main trends of the conference centered around methods to advance women into leadership positions, overcoming barriers in career progression, and promoting inclusivity.

    The conference also explored new technologies in Artificial Intelligence and familiar areas such as design, cybersecurity, marketing, development, and game development.

    We highly recommend attending WOMEN IN TECH 2024. You will undoubtedly find valuable insights across a diverse range of topics.

    Developments in the World of Science: How AI transforms the world

    Today, we’ve discussed various technological happenings in 2023. However, the impact of technology goes beyond conferences and presentations: it’s reshaping the scientific landscape.

    Indeed, artificial intelligence has played a vital role in advancing science. What breakthroughs have we witnessed due to this cutting-edge technology?

    IT implementations in science

    Firstly, in 2023, artificial intelligence achieved a significant milestone by independently discovering a supernova. The discovery was made by a system called the Bright Transient Survey Bot (BTSbot), created by a team of international scientists.

    This system was trained using 1.4 million images from over 16,000 sources. BTSbot identified the supernova SN2023tyk in data from the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF), a robotic camera in Northern California that scans the northern sky every two days. The discovery was remarkably swift: ZTF captured the explosion on October 3, and BTSbot identified it on October 5. After collaborating with other robotic instruments, BTSbot confirmed the discovery and classified the event as a Type Ia supernova, publicly sharing the report on October 7.

    Of course, artificial intelligence (AI) has made the most significant impact on the healthcare sector. In 2023, some remarkable events occurred thanks to AI.

    • Researchers used DeepMind AI to create synthetic “syringes” that deliver compounds targeting and eliminating tumors directly within cells. This process usually takes years and was completed in just 46 days.
    • DeepMind also accurately predicted the structure of nearly every known protein, a crucial step in developing new drugs.
    • In January 2023, AbSci achieved a significant breakthrough by successfully creating and testing antibodies using generative AI. The usual process, taking at least 6 years, can now be shortened to 18-24 months.

    Overall, Artificial Intelligence is already changing our world. Other technologies like augmented and virtual reality are improving education and research. The Internet of Things is simplifying our lives, and sometimes, devices even save lives (which Apple likes to highlight in every Apple Watch presentation).

    What can we take away from all this? A fantastic 2024 awaits us!


    The IT industry experiences significant events every year. Innovative startups are founded, new technologies emerge, and incredible discoveries are made. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without technology.

    If you have a startup idea that can make a difference, the Vilmate team is ready to help bring your idea to life. Our team includes skilled programmers, security experts, designers, and testers who can efficiently realize your project. Perhaps in 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to meet investors at one of the largest IT conferences.

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